Hi guys! I just noticed it today that when I move my cursor over the "light" symbol on the left side of the screen during a TFT game it shows that there are 8 light champions when in reality there is only 7 of them: 1. vayne 2. yorick 3. jax 4. soraka 5. aatrox 6. lucian 7. nasus It shows quiyana or lux for 8th, I don't know - these tft icons are really a pain in the ***. Makes whole game kinda harder to cope with. I wanted to collect 9 light champions for +50% attack speed, but there's only 7 light champions in the game and even with the one special item (with which another champion becomes a light champ too) the number would be 8... and it's kinda impossible to get 2 of those special items.... Anyway, I wanted to draw attention to the bug, hope you fix it soon guys! Cheers, Barneey

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lux counts for 2 of the type that she is woodland, inferno, shadow, etc.
Lux is a light champion And she counts for 2 lights So, not a bug

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