Clarity and Clairvoyance Thoughts

So {{summoner:2}} and {{summoner:13}} are the least used Summoner Spells in standard games (minus {{summoner:10}} , of course), and for good reason: they are not "reaction" spells and are not {{summoner:12}} . The "reaction" spells, {{summoner:21}}, {{summoner:1}}, {{summoner:3}}, {{summoner:4}}, {{summoner:6}}, {{summoner:7}}, {{summoner:14}}, and {{summoner:11}}, are spells used in the middle of combat to boost the player while fighting. These give quick, potentially game changing moves where the Champion's own abilities fail, where as {{summoner:2}} and {{summoner:13}} are used outside of combat, and they affect the game in too minor a way as compared to the other spells. More to the point, their abilities are already emulated by cheap items: {{item:3342}} is a free {{summoner:2}} with a smaller cooldown, albeit a smaller area of effect and range; any champ that needs mana regen will build an {{item:3174}} or something along those lines, rendering {{summoner:13}} unnecessary. I think that these two need altercations to be used to good effect. For {{summoner:2}}, the ability could give true sight for a certain amount of time. For {{summoner:13}}, the ability could be passive, granting increased resource regeneration (Energy, Mana).

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CV was always a spell that I thought could be used to great effect (by better players than myself) if used correctly. Especially back in the days of Eleisa's Blessing and the summoner cooldown mastery, I loved to run heal/CV on support and try to get an early EB. With a 40s CD on CV, it could make entering unknown territory much safer. It wasn't necessarily optimal, but it was interesting, and with the premium on vision in high-level play, it would be an intriguing trade-off. Right now, its CD is probably a little high to make it worth it. In addition, blue trinket compounds this uselessness, as you pointed out.
Yea, I think a buff to both would be appreciated...Truesight around the user for 5-10sec on Clairvoyance surely would help out a lot to increase it´s power - and i really don´t see that hardcountering CHamps like Akali if you trade the dmg of ignite for the ability to see through the stealth (you can buy that fr 100g to gank anyway). For Clarity i also would love to see some passive reg-increase while it´s on CD (maybe even as an aura, like old manamanipulator).
I like the idea of passive regen, but I think it would be better to have passive regen while clarity *isn't* on cooldown. Otherwise, the optimal use pattern is just to spam clarity every time you get low.
I think it would be interesting if CV gave vision for a longer period of time (15-30s?), perhaps in a smaller radius, like a shorter duration ward that can't be cleared. It could be really useful for getting vision of enemy buffs/objective control. Alternatively, if it gave true sight, it would be a good counter to eve/teemo.
{{summoner:13}} is suppose to be bad sadly, riot said it is solely in the game to help beginners and newbs who have poor mana management and isn't intend to be a viable thing in competitive/serious play. {{summoner:2}} was problematic in S1 mostly because of how well a skilled support could effectively reduce any and all surprise factors of ganks to zero by constantly keeping an eye their jungler, which led to it's harsh nerfs in vision size, duration, and cooldown, and I think riot has been scared to buff or do much with it because of the problems and low counterplay power it showed during S1. I wouldn't be surprised if they just removed in S5 given that {{item:3342}} is a thing now and doesn't offer the same early-mid game problems {{summoner:2}} has.

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