[BUG] [TFT] [Exploit?] Champion can have thief's glove and other item equipped at the same time

Description: When combining multiple champions to increase tier, if one of those champs has a thief's glove equipped and another champ has a tear equipped, the result will be the combined champion will have the tear will occupying the spot where the thief's glove would normally be and the two other slots will be random items. Steps to repro: 1) Have two tier 1 copies of the same champion. In my case it reproduced with Qiyana. 2) Equip one Qiyana with two brawler's gloves to make thief's glove. Qiyana will do the animation where the thief's glove will choose what items are equipped. 3) Equip another Qiyana with a tear - in my case it was already equipped when I chose Qiyana from the carousel. 4) Purchase a 3rd Qiyana to force them to combine to tier 2. 5) Observe that in the item slots the tear occupies the slot where the thief's glove would be, the other two items will be random each round. Expected behavior: The tear (and/or thief's gloves) should fall off the combined champion as there shouldn't be enough slots otherwise equip the tear and thief's gloves at the same time. Note - this was observed prior to the update that went out last night.

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