Is it just me who experiences this?

The last 30 games ranked has been INSANELY 1-sided to say the least. I mean games where every lanes gets stomped, a kill score of **2 - 30** within 20 minutes, most turrets down before the same time mark. Also using Facecheck to check out my team and the enemies team, and its always Iron's and low bronzes doing insane outplays and getting the highest scores. I know that 'smurfing' (playing in a lower elo than your own personal skill) is "allowed" ( for whatever reason, since its insanely disruptive for the game and gets entire teams tilted as fuck, including me) due to RITO's poor policy. Really, the person or team that decided that 'smurfing' should NOT be bannable should be instantly replaced, since they obvious don't play their own game (anymore).

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Play mid laner that can establish early priority. Be there at lvl 3 to help your jungle with the Scuttle exchange. Securing the first scuttle to your jungler, VASTLY increases the chances of winning the game. Killing the enemy jungle during the exchange, i forget the exact statistic but its like 71% chance youll win the game. This right here is pretty much the root cause of why games seem so onesided. Because by 4minutes into the game, one of the junglers is essentially disabled from the game for THE WHOLE GAME.
Thanks for the feedback! I'll try this out for sure
Basically what bunny said. Supposedly its a 5v5 with two teams but the game really usually comes down to the actions of one person. League of legends in 2020 doesn't deserve to be taken seriously and ranked really hasn't meant anything for a very long time. Look at the balancing team where half of them aren't even good at the game.
I just posted about this not to long ago, same thing with me im a jungle main and all lanes constantly lose before 5 min even when i play games where i gank at level 2 so now not only does that champ have the champion advantage and now kill advantage still manages to lose lane on top of half my jungle being gone, i was told riot influences your win rate so you dont have to high of over 50% WR or something but god damn mines pretty low now, i was at around 49% 50% was on like a 20 game winstreak two weeks ago and ever since then its just been lanes constantly feeding and i do enjoy the game but how can someone enjoy anything competitive at a disadvantage so for that im uninstalling maybe pick up some dota or apex.

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