Neutral Altars and Teemo

Hello, As it was the first time I pick teemo on this map, I realise that even if I was standing on a neutral altar to capture it, as soon as my stealth come the altar act as there is nobody on it and the charge rune start to decrease. So I tried on the second altar, to see if I saw right, and it act the same as the first. Is it intended or just a stealth bug cause of the no vision given of neutral altar? If it's the first then, fell a it weird because, even if I'm not there visually for the possible near ennemy, I can still see my character on it wanting to capture the point >-<

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Your vision is taken away if you step on one.
Yeah, but the neutral one (when nobody have take controle of them yet) don't give vision so when you enter teemo passiv, the altar act as if nobody is on it >-<

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