Perma chat ban toxic players

Why isn't this happening? It should be a simple implementation even through an automated system. Week, 2 week, month, perma chat ban. Also Riot has some simple CLEARLY stated elements in the summoners code that are NEVER being followed up on. Why is this constantly allowed? It's clearly against the code so why don't you just auto-chat-ban anyone that spams easy or ggez in the last 20 seconds of a game? Why bother having rules and claim that you're cleaning up toxic behavior when you don't even implement the simplest ones you have clearly laid out and allow them to be violated nearly every single game?

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They tried it already, it didn't work. That's why we have the system we do today
or mute people who show a minuscule sign of being toxic. spamming missing pings on your dead body, pointing out your teammates score(some times its not really toxic but still), talking about stuff that literally has nothing to do with you nor the game. its literally how I stay out of trouble and has been working
Thank you for your "unheard" solution. You have a few days to Read the Boards/Forums from the last 6-7 years until now. Endless chat restriction is not efficient, it existed in 2014-2015. If you continue being toxic after the current 10 + 25 chat restrictions, that means the problem wont be solved with more chat restrictions.

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