This BETTER get repealed, why would responding to this toxic Pantheon and his duo get me banned?

**_*~~[removed by moderation]~~*_** **Here is the full chat logs for me (and some other people btw) responding to this toxic Pantheon and his duo Illaoi top lane who was just as toxic. He came to my lane to take cs, threatened multiple reports while begging the enemies to report me as well. His sidekick illaoi kept agreeing with him and asking if we can "open mid":** Game 1 In-Game Sęx: KILL HIM Sęx: Idiots Sęx: come sooner next time Sęx: useless jg lol Sęx: i pinged my entire team onto the xerath when he walked into the middle of our jungle and none of them moved, then they leave wh Sęx: terrible Sęx: our panth toxic af Sęx: and our top Sęx: i pinged the entire team who was surrounding the xerath who walked into our jg Sęx: they didnt move once Sęx: then panth says i report you Sęx: then he comes to lane to take cs lol Sęx: what a team Sęx: this panths fav word is "report" thats the kind of player you mute lol Sęx: dont come to my lane Sęx: ur muted still dont type either Sęx: more than yuumi is getting banned next game :), panth is getting hard reported Sęx: gg **This game, I had that stupid bug where you can't use your abilities without manually clicking on them which ended up snowballing into a loss. Team flaming me while I deal with an unfair problem. What luck. ** Game 2 In-Game Sęx: cant use my abilities Sęx: so stupid bugs Sęx: ur a r%%%%% akalii Sęx: muted %%%%% he ran all the way through your jungle instead of just walking to me Sęx: shouldnt have even wasted time with that idiot lol Sęx: challenger awareness mid and supp but mine still in lane lmaoo Sęx: you idiots are fucking cringe lol later **There is NO WAY this is worth a ban. Please unban my account and punish the toxic trolls who actually instigated the entire situation. (the 2nd game I just complained in chat about the bugs and responded to other trolls who were clearly trolling. **

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I'mma be real with you chief, I woulda banned you for these logs alone. Responding to trolls is never an excuse - you always get judged for what you said, regardless of the situation.
If this got you banned, I'm assuming you've gotten chat restricted before? Retaliation can get you in trouble too. It doesn't matter if someone else started it, by responding to them in a similar fashion, you add to the crappiness of the situation that the other players in the game probably don't want to see. It helps no one. You should've just muted and stopped typing. Definitely don't see this getting repealed.
I've edited your post to remove the name, as the [Universal Rules]( prohibit naming and shaming. If you have any questions about this moderation action, don't hesitate to reach out to the Boards Moderation Team via: * The [**NA Boards Discord**]( * The [**Discuss the Boards**]( sub-board. If you did not report them in the post-game, write a [Support ticket]( or message them on [Twitter]( regarding the player.
Shame other troll players can run free on the rift while leaving a path of innocent banned players who actually care about the game. A tragedy really.
> **Sęx \(NA\) said:** Shame other troll players can run free on the rift while leaving a path of innocent banned players who actually care about the game. A tragedy really. LoL. The report system doesn't care about what you did. It only cares about how many people doesn't like you. I'm pretty sure you would bet banned and riot won't change it. Even if you said ff? you would still get perma ban because that is "negative activity" regardless of troll team you have.
Giving an opinion about log is what the forums are for. Insulting others is not allowed.

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