Is there a problem with supports outdamaging their ADC?

I mean supports like Morgana, or Karma doing 70 percent of the damage then ADC's doing the rest...

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No, there isn't a problem. Unless the champion makes MorelLOLlo cry. *Then *it's a problem.
ADCs are naturally late game champions; they get a lot of their damage from items, since they're innately AA based (some like Lucian, Ezreal, Corki, etc. are really spell based too, but they're more outliers in the ADC role). Supports, like Karma, Lulu, etc. are not as item dependent, and typically have high base stats and low ratios (though they can still pack quite a punch with some AP), so they're more likely to do more damage early game. If it's late game and this is happening, it usually just means your support is fed and/or your ADC is really behind.
I think they need to nerf morg q a bit because with just a grail she was able to out damage a adc late game using her q
In lane, a support like Karma is primarily focused on poking down the enemy, while an adc is primarily focused on farming. Just because the support dealt more damage over the course of the game, doesn't mean the support had more ability to deal damage than the adc.

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