[Question] Is Kayle still OP?

As the title asks, I'm just wondering if Kayle is still worth a ban. I know she's been hit with a few nerfs lately, but at my elo (silver 5) she still gets permabanned, even though nearly every Kayle I've seen in solo q doesn't exactly hit that critical-mass point where she's basically a ranged Jax, or even close to being a serious damage threat (they usually have that characteristic flavor-of-the-month-low-elo feel, a champion picked because they're OP, not because the person really understands how to play them). Cheers!

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Nowhere close. The nerfs to her damage were absolutely huge, and intervention's cooldown is pretty abuseable. She's good against Zed, but that's about the extent of it.
This I view her as 100% waste of a ban currently.
good to know, thanks guys!

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