Jhin + Rageblade

Jhin doesn't stack attack speed with rageblade. This is counterintuitive as his passive states that he changes excess attack speed into attack damage but doesn't state that he can't gain attack speed later through the round. Does his attack power scale up instead of his attack speed w/ rageblade?

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do yourself a favor and dont be the one loser that builds rageblade on Jhin
Been told before rageblade does not and wont ever work on JHIN LOL dont be the only dumbass building rageblade like an idiot
Just built a rageblade on my jhin. I can confirm: he does receive the attack spped, but it is converted to AD. That means that every auto he takes gives him more AD, which actually stacks up pretty nicely with his ability. That said, it's still not as good as full AP Jhin. The multiplier works every time he hits his 4th shot (Not sure if it's a bug or intended), so I had an AP Jhin with 624% bonus damage 4th shot 3 or 4 times and crit for 3014 damage LOL

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