Disabling Champions in LCS...but not for live?

Listen, I understand every champion has counter play. I also understand there is always a way to win a game. However, something that Riot needs to consider is disabling champions on the live client if that champion is disabled for LCS. If the champion is bugged or deemed too broken because of a miscalculation in a recent patch why should everyone who's not an LCS player have to suffer. If the champion isn't fit to be used in competition than I feel that as a community we deserve more consistency. Why does the quality of the competition of solo queue (or the champion just being a near perma ban) suffer even when Riot is clearly aware there is a problem with a champion. I'm not butthurt, I'm not angry. I just wanted to put my thoughts in writing. If there's a explanation I would love to hear the thoughts behind it.

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Money, and not in the greedy sense in the practical sense. A normal online game by regular people has the only investment of time and possibly LP, and as such is a much, much, much lower stake than a tournament pool. Prized events like tournaments can follow LCS rules themselves, that's their decision, but as far as the online game goes you will never lose anything permanent and thus doesn't warrant a disabled champion due to a 1/10,000 or so bug (Shen ult bug). There is also the fact that the majority of the League playerbase won't have an entire game hinge on a single ability malfunctioning. I'm not saying it can't happen, but the chances are very low for the bug in the first lace, and then factored in with the chance of a proper *game-defining* ability and it bugging it's astronomical. I would suggest that person to go get a few lottery tickets kind of unlucky.
Some of them are for very small bugs, so I don't think it's practical, or fair to disable them for all play on the live servers. Maybe riot could consider disabling them from just ranked soloq or something though and allowing them in normals/ARAM/etc.
I assume you're talking about the shen bug. I think the difference is basically magnitude of importance. Here's a comparison: soccer. Let's pretend there's a rule that you need to use a new soccer ball every game. Someone discovers that 1/1000 Nike soccer balls start leaking when they're used. At the college level, it's probably not a problem if you use a Nike ball. But for the world cup, you're sure as heck not going to (assuming other brands never leak).
Well, they shouldn'T be taken from the server, but maybe from ranked games.
you forget the rengar bug, where he was double procing all on hit effects. (bork, and feral flare). Champs get bugged all the time and riot just keeps there mouth shut to normal players.
It is not hard for rtiot to disable champs from the live client. They do not even have to pull down the client to do it.
I never said it wasn't difficult, my argument is that there is not a strong enough reason to disable them for anything except LCS. Any small fault that was 100% Riot's fault (i.e. a bugged ability) can result in lawsuits, permanent reputation damage and damage to the still fragile e-sports industry. Those are plenty of strong reasons to b super-paranoid about a 1/10,000 chance bug, someone complaining about missing that one Shen ult out of thousands in one ranked game in hundreds where their worst case scenario is getting demoted a league is not. An abusable big like the Zhonya's Jax combo, however, is a strong reason because it can happen repeatedly and reliably.
The LCS updates a patch behind live, if I remember correctly. So a lot of those bugs never make it to the LCS. The shen bug, was something that they tried for a long time to fix, but couldn't. That's why he was disabled.
I think you're likely misunderstanding the context of **why** a champion is disabled for LCS. Let's start with a standard player first. He/she hops on at night to play a few games. Wins some. Loses some others. Maybe the bug even showed up in one of the games. But, at the end of the day, not really too big of a deal. At most people's level of play (Gold and down), a single bug will rarely cause a big shift in the game since individual and team play will make up for any of that. (And, to be fair, Riot definitely has disabled champs with gamebreaking bugs - Hemier and Yorick are the two most recent that come to memory.) Now, let's look at LCS. You are talking about people's careers her (you laugh...but these guys bring in some serious $$$ from some estimates I saw). And, remember, every LCS game is a potential to move closer or farther away from going to championships. So, say two teams are battling it out and the Shen bug appears. It may not even be clear that that bug caused the game to be lost or won for the respective teams. But...**it could have been**. At this point, the team that lost now has a legitimate excuse with Riot that not preventing that bug from occurring ultimately cost them prize money, promotions, advertising dollars, whatever. It's a big deal when careers and money get involved. I believe this is why Riot gives special care to disabling champs in LCS - particularly with those tricky, hard-to-find issues (like the Shen bug). A Riot employee would have to confirm.

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