What I Learned From The Boards

EDIT 3/9/20 9:31PM EST because I apparently can. Back to the main post. EDIT 3/14/20 6:38PM EST to acknowledge to those still browsing the Boards. Stay safe, everyone. I've learned a lot from the Boards, but something that I will carry with me for the rest of my life is a sense of responsibility. A common sentiment from the PB Boards: # "You, and nobody else, are responsible for your actions." Reading this sentiment over and over has ingrained it in me, and I'm thankful to the level-headed posters here who promoted this sentiment time and time again to people coming here looking for an explanation. I hope that this sticks with other Boards users too. Thanks for the excellent discussions over the years everyone. Have some wonderful lives.

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> Have some wonderful lives. You too!

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