Quick Gameplay Thoughts: November 22

Hi folks, ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Usual Disclaimers** These posts will often contain talk about future work we're doing, or planning to do, that isn't yet guaranteed to ship. The nature of the work could change or, depending on what we discover, projects mentioned may get delayed or even stopped. If you'd like to see a Tweet whenever a new one of these posts goes up: https://twitter.com/RiotMeddler http://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/6.24.1/img/champion/Ziggs.png ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Preseason so far** Hopefully preseason's treating you well so far. Thoughts on a range of topics below. * Bugs Getting high impact gameplay bugs addressed is one of our main focuses after each preseason ships. We've hit the highest urgency ones through hotfixes (Fiddle R missing its visual effects, Death's Dance and Infernal Soul interacting incorrectly, Elder sometimes executing at too high a health threshold). Aim is to hit a range of other preseason associated gameplay bugs in 9.24. * General Balance Early indicators suggest the game's in a reasonably good state so far for just after a large patch. Champion win rates have changed at most one or two percent generally, with most not moving much at all on average. A few specific categories covered below, next up we'll be looking at how the difference SR types (Cloud, Ocean etc) affect the win rates of different champs (e.g. how much does an Ocean game actually help Rengar?). After that we'll also be digging into various other things not touched on below (e.g. impact of RH changes or side lane alcoves, how jungle and top lane agency have changed etc). * Kleptomancy and Oministone Balance Klepto users look to be down meaningfully in power as expected. We'll be putting some power back into some of their kits as a result, starting with a hotfix (probably out already by the time you read this) to Ezreal who's been the most affected. Early indications are that Omnistone is too weak so we're discussing a potential hotfix buff to it. It's not the optimal choice on any champion at present, though is moderately close to being so on a few champs (Kayle, Kennen, Illaoi, Twisted Fate). * Balance impacts of Crit, Lethality, Support item changes Crit changes so far seem pretty power neutral to crit users. Lethality users seem to be somewhere between neutral and slightly weaker. Support item changes don't seem to have shifted the balance of power substantially between different types of support, with no clear trend yet for how tanks versus enchanters versus damage supports have been affected and win rate changes almost all below 1%. It's early days still though when it comes to assessing these sorts of changes. Things like players adapting their builds, the meta being a bit uncertain and team comps being less optimized with ranked off will likely impact assessment of item changes somewhat. We're going to keep digging into them as a result, early signs are things are pretty balanced though. * Infernal Screen Tint We'll be toning down the amount of screen tint the infernal SR transformation creates. Feedback on that's been pretty clear that it's overly dominant. We'll have some changes on the PBE the next time it updates and would love feedback on whether the change feels right, goes too far or doesn't go far enough. Plan is to then ship a change in 9.24. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **Worlds Champion Diversity** One of a number of things we look at each year post Worlds is how champion diversity compared to previous years since we believe that's one of the components that supports both a great viewing experience and a good competitive experience. 2019 was overall quite a good year in that regard, even if a few champions (Panth, Qiyana, Kai'Sa and Xayah) were much higher profile than ideal, leading to some meaningful staleness of champ select/team comps at times still. Some slides one of our analysts (thanks Blaustoise!) put together below that show some of the ways we look at that sort of data. https://imgur.com/a/0J125gD For those unfamiliar, the Gini Coefficient is a statistic usually used to measure income inequality. In our case, we're using pick/ban presence instead of income. A score of 0 means perfect pick/ban equality among the entire roster, so lower's better. https://imgur.com/a/KChXZaH ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- **TFT Ranked Season start** TFT ranked kicked off on Wednesday with the new set. For this set we opted to go for a complete LP reset and a partial MMR reset. From discussion we've seen so far that's creating both some confusion and some frustration, particularly in cases where LP and MMR feel very far apart (e.g. LP climbing slowly for Masters players because max LP is capped per game at one division's worth). Feedback on how the reset's felt to you much appreciated, we'd like to refine our approach here. Since TFT seasons are much shorter than SR ones issues will be felt more often, though on the positive side it also means we've got more opportunities to make the sort of large improvements that can only happen at a season start.

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Remove elder dragon execute please ^_^
What are your thoughts on toplane / toplane impact after the patch?
As per post above that's one of the next things we'll be looking at. I think it's premature to try and reach any conclusions right now.
Idk why but Herald feels bad. Sanguine is strong for certain top laners and hard farming junglers. Nunu is better with getting Dragon priority. I still havent seen an elder (personally). Game times/levels/3 item finish still seems very common. Support seems pretty nerfed (which is good because they were dominant for a while) Only thoughts I had with this patch so far, map changes seem more background and less impactful than I thought on paper (so far in my experience).
Thoughts on conqueror? Feels like it's over-tuned at the moment especially on certain champs that abuse it
Hai Will we ever got introduced to other MR items that are worthwhile? Considering There is a lot of MR pen ontop of 40% from Void and 40% AMP from Deathcap. Will we get more Splitpush oriented now that Raptor Cloak's Item line is Gone...? Like Maybe Atmas or something else along the path? Not even sure why I bother asking when I haven't gotten a reply in years.
Is there any wukong news? Maybe a closer date on when he will hit live servers?
What are your thoughts on trading baron for elder? It seems that elder dragon is the better choice since it basically trivializes baron because of how easy it is to kill with the execute. I dont think teams are going to be ok with trading baron for elder, and are going to be prioritizing elder over the baron.
The support item changes completly ruined my favorite strategy to do with my friends, a bruiser or tank bot with either another bruiser or a regular support, the healing from targon's brace allowed us to successfully stay in lane along with supplementing the cs we would lose due to being a melee in the bot lane, however since the healing from the targon's support items have been removed this strategy has ZERO chance of working anymore, is there a chance we could see the healing be returned to the spoils of war passive?
Do you have something planned for Swain?
Hey Meddler is there enough time to balance Aphelios since he's being released on the last patch of the year, not including the B patch, since he sounds hard to play
What about {{champion:24}} and {{champion:58}} after Shojin removal ?
Hey Meddler, can we talk about Teemo? This patch changed some behaviors the runes had around Teemo's E, the poison passive. Before this patch, the poison would trigger runes like Aery and Dark Harvest, but after this patch this is not longer the case; probably because some adjustements around Conqueror, in order to avoid the poison to apply stacks. There are other issues too. While using Glacial Argument and Cheap Shoot, the poison won't trigger Cheap Shot even if the opponent is slowed. This was working before the patch. So please Rito fix these bugs. {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:17}}
Hey meddler, i was wondering if you knew why air Drake ultimate cdr does not apply to the three primary transformers? I know their ultimate cdr isn't as impactful but it seems weird that it just doesn't work at all for them. As a nidalee player I can very much appreciate a lower ult cooldown so I can transform to human faster after a rotation and was really disappointed to see it didn't work.
Preseason has been pretty good so far, but how is Galio currently doing since the changes to Aftershock? It looks like it hit him harder than most.
Why are you guys purposely accelerating the LoL experience? Is the PTSD from Season 7 THAT bad? The game has lost almost all it's strategic nuances and for what? To cater to the young audiences that have zero attention spans? That is where League: Wild Rift comes to play; the MOBA genre thrives on that chess like game-play which LoL had in abundance and that was the secret sauce. Now it has just devolved into this brawl fest with the victory handed to the team who plays the broken champions better than the enemy team. It's so tragic man, truly. We just want our game back.
Sense Shyvana is supposed to be known as the dragon taking champion, should she get some sort of buff with cloud drag? As it stands right now the effect cloud has does nothing for Shyvana. Any thought on giving her some sort of change to help that?
Doran's shield didnt help in ranged lane overtake btw
Hi Meddler, any thoughts on Kindred after the preseason changes? It feels like an improvement but does the data reflect it?
I don't think they need to remove the execute I think the execute should scale off of how many drakes you've killed, IE you get all 4 then the elder execute will be 20% as it is currently but if you haven't gotten any drakes and kill elder it should be something tiny, like 5-10% I lost a game yesterday where despite us getting all 4 dragons and the enemy team not getting a single one we lost because the execute evened the gap so much. I'd image that this will probably happen more as the season goes on and feels extremely unrewarding to play against, oh i did all the work and got all these dragons, but the enemy team gets basically the same thing?????????????????

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