Eternals mastery flair upgrade not working

So i have 31 milestones on Jhin. I have 15 in series 1 for the champ and another 16 in the starter series. It even gave me the screen with the animation yelling congrats on your new mastery emote! Well, after all this guess what, I still dont have the mastery flair.... It claims i do but nope! And the kicker? My clash trophy from the Demacia cup is no longer on the rift but all my buddies still have theirs. Seems to me I paid to grind for something that only took away something i earned. Anyone know anything about this? Edit: for whatever reason I am not allowed to reply or comment at all on this thread. Maybe this post edit works. They deleted my whole last post about this lol. Instead of fixing it they just delete what we say. I even have screenshots showing i got it but it does not display. I emailed them 4 days ago and still nothing also. Per usual im pretty sure Rito just dont care, they al;ready got the monies lol

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Same here riot deletes coments tho
I am having this problem also, I got the screen that said mastery emote upgraded and it never showed it in game, I even have the paid one also so I dont know what to do and I hope they hot fix this so I can be able to flex on people.

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