Thank you, Riot Games.

Greetings, my name is Daniel or "Fizzo" like my friends often call me. The purpose of this message is to appreciate to you, Riot Games, this decade of full memories that I will always hold as some precious treasure. I've been playing this game since Season 1 (another account that I lost because I forgot the username.) and seeing the Boards close just incentivized myself to write you some words of pure gratitude: Thank you for offering to us, your playerbase, smiles and comments full of humour in the boards even when the frustration was on the skies. Thank you to all the employees that worked and work hard in your company, for being more than just a game but a friend. For helping us to create connections around the globe or, for some folks like me, to socialize at highschool, where due to some language barriers we couldn't make some friends or communicate properly. Thank you for being the link with my elder brothers to whom I thanks for showing to me this wonderful game. You guys were the reason behind so many precious moments that without League I would have never experienced it since my brothers were teenagers and at that time I was just 11 years old. Thank you for keep changing the game and make it more versatile where, yes there're imperfections but that's what sometimes makes the games more interesting. For showing that if you want something, you have to keep practicing no matter the aspect of the circumstances. I would love to keep going with this message but I do believe I made my point clear (plus my english isn't really the best one so I want to reduce the amount of typos). You guys were the pillars that hold still the life of one young boy that now is trying his best to reach Masters and find a team. **Thank you for being a family and I wish you the best for your game, company and IRL life. ** Sincerely, {{champion:105}} o PS: And thanks to KateyAnthony for giving me the idea of this meme name even if she refuses to accept Fizz on it.

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