So... When will the next game mode happen?

So... lately I've become bored from playing a bunch of try hard games in norms and ranked just makes me too exhausted to even think of playing it. This boredom and exhaustion reflects on my game play very much so. All I've been wishing for is the rotating game modes to become more frequent. I'm just one of those league players who play the game wishing it was still season 3, and quite often playing it as such. I know times have changed, but so has this game and of those changes, it has chained the freedom it once had to play. I'm just wishing for the next game mode rather than playing a norm just because I lost what used to make me smile while playing it.

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Never. Riot doesn't care about player satisfaction anymore. It's all about how much money they can make from skins and passes.
In 10.6, One For All will be open. It's on the PBE right now.

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