Until The World Ends, Darkness Forever Lurks . {Semi-Open RP Sign-Ups}

((I'll determine whether or not this becomes a Closed RP, depending on how much interest this sparks .)) https://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/LOL_CMS_050_Article_02-1.jpg Zaun & Piltover were once united .. and now Piltover is held up on a high cliff in the sun's rays while Zaun exists down below .. an undercity, only receiving the leftovers of the high city which made it's way down into the dump. There were some residents of Zaun that hadn't either lost their sanity, given up on life, or simply resorted to chaos and mayhem because they have nothing better to do with their lives as they rot down here .. withering and dying with their existence, never being known as more than a sewer rat. It only took a matter of time before Malia's impact on society started to grow, her riots were no longer going unnoticed and change suddenly seemed possible. Ky'eisha wanted to forcefully take what she deserved, and earn it with violence. Malia wanted a peaceful approach that she could achieve her goal in a way that didn't involve violence. Envious of Malia's success & determination, Ky'eisha disappeared into the shadows for a while. Malia searched high and low for her seemingly lost sister, but with no luck. A couple days passed, Ky'eisha re-appeared. Word got to Malia, that she was seen hanging by the pier. The ocean was the only water that the people of Zaun ever knew, so that had to be the pier that they were referring to. Malia made her way to the pier without hesitation, she discovered her sister who was standing there & thinking. Malia tried once more to convince her to join her in her journey to the city up above, but Ky'eisha refused yet again but this time she tried to convince Malia to join her in her rebel as well. When Ky'eisha realized that she couldn't keep her, right then and there .. she killed her sister. She pushed her right into the water, shielding her face as she drowned and now she keeps her sisters soul with her, they're forever bound. After Malia's "disappearance", the youth of Zaun was in an uproar .. even the older residence seemed bothered with her disappearance. A genuine soul, they chanted .. one who fought for equal rights. They sent off a prayer, though her body still has never been in sight. Ky'eisha played the role of the heartbroken sister oh so well, fighting for herself with a sister's soul to guide. Now she seeks a new purpose, one for her and Malia too. Perhaps they'll fight the evil monsters, those who lurk the cities roads. Ky'eisha didn't pursue Malia's hopes & dreams of the two cities reunited. But, searched out for a new way to let her power be displayed. The power of a Spirit Medium, an intelligent, quick, powerful one at that. Although she had never really been experienced in combat with her abilities, aside from run-ins with monstrosities such as Warwick or Urgot which she quickly evaded. Condemned below in the city's waste, looking out for any stragglers with a power level equal or superior to her own. A powerful companion or maybe more than one, to aid her in her rebel which Malia had no choice but to as well. Ky'eisha called the spirits of many fallen to aid her in her ventures, containing those that showed promise and banishing those who bickered or showed no worth. She casted out a few spirits, carrying a message to the outer regions. The message that she gave for them to relay was one that requested aid in a 'little mission' that she gave no description on and she also mentioned a 'trusted companion' in return. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- I'm looking forward for any of those interested in this roleplay, feel free to sign up simply by responding with your character sheet ((preferred)) and an introduction response to the roleplay. My rules are that of any other RPer, No GM ! Be Nice ! Things like that . Please be active if you decide to join ! If you need to contact me outside of the boards, my discord is always an option. {beautylicious . ♡#2564} Also, here's the link to [Ky'eisha/Malia's](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1px4lNgkwPDAsMInKS06e9VAAULDd5rBNj_j0wzk1m7w/edit?usp=sharing) character sheet even though I haven't completed it yet .. before we get this on the road I'll have that complete .

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((Looks good but I would take a rain check until Christmas shenanigans are over.))
> **Arbiter Akali \(EUW\) said:** ((Looks good but I would take a rain check until Christmas shenanigans are over.)) ((Thought about this right after I made the post, but at least it'll be here to get some attention over the holidays. I'll wait patiently though .))
always interested in something new https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sfwNVwb3KzLxuvyCWUAOejRefabuSY3I7z4nuSOwzvk/edit
> **Rextreff \(NA\) said:** interested ((I'm glad you're interested, do you happen to have a character sheet or at least an OC in mind?))
> **Frontlinegeneral \(NA\) said:** always interested in something new https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sfwNVwb3KzLxuvyCWUAOejRefabuSY3I7z4nuSOwzvk/edit ((He looks interesting, thanks for the interest .. do you have any ideas on how he would get to Zaun ? The character sheet mentions the Freljord so I'm just wondering .))
> **beautylicious \(NA\) said:** ((I'm glad you're interested, do you happen to have a character sheet or at least an OC in mind?)) Yes i have a character in mind I just need to write it all down how should i do that
> **Rextreff \(NA\) said:** Yes i have a character in mind I just need to write it all down how should i do that If you have a google doc its fairly simple [profile example](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1s2BngQMSceFA60sNQQSj226nZm3G7ivit3zkmvjjCOs/edit) It doesn't have to be as extensive a name, some details like their height/eye colour or art to represent them. Put in some backstory at the end and voila you have a basic profile ready to rp with. You can always expand on it so don't worry if it feels a bit short.
is this only for OCs?]]
> **Chrysander \(NA\) said:** is this only for OCs?]] ((If you do not hold rights to an official champion on the boards then yeah .))

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