Tristana's Diner: Redux

_You walk into a small diner, the chime above the door echoes around the establishment. You take a look around and find it... Surprisingly empty, save for one lone Yordle seated at a nearby booth. You approach her._ "Hey!" She says, a sad, solemn expression adorning her otherwise cheery face. "So you heard? About Boards?" _She sighs, shrugging and taking a large bite of the wrap in her hand_ "What can you do, I guess? No good things were ever made to last, so hold your head high and know that, hey, at least you had fun while you could."

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_The cat hopped over onto the table, something a cat should not be doing in the first place. What was the cat and the floating book beside her doing here anyway? Probably hungry. Yuumi’s expression looks less than amused, a small frown on her face as she quietly started to curl around on a spot on the table, which was right in the middle of it,_ “Tell me about it.” _After that mumble, Yuumi lowered her head and curled up,_ “It was such a nice realm too!” _The book was no different either. It quickly floated to Yuumi’s side and quietly settled down beside her, fully closed as to not let this yordle look at the contents of the pages._

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