The Good, The Bad, and The League : 5/30 - 6/5

_Your weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ ProView [rolled out]( for LCS and LEC, whispers of the next buffs and nerfs are breezing about, lots of info about Morde’s rework, and what’s this, a new champion perhaps? **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Reached out to Apple for assistance (Looked into this, the core bug is still being worked on). * **Transfers disabled** Transfers were down for 7 days while configuration issues were investigated. **Server Stuff: ** * **Associated missions not granted(5/31, ~75 minutes)** Reports filter into the NOC detailing issues with Team Pass content. Quick checks show both Team Pass and Fan Pass have issues with proper missions being rewarded to content holders. A quick disable, check, and re-enable fixed it. * **One server causes lag(6/1, ~90 minutes)** Network engineers ping the NOC about a single server showing bad response time. That server seems to have problems, so the NOC prevents future games from starting there, verifying all games are off that server, and then disabling it until an on-site team can investigate. * **Store deploy causes RP purchases to fail(6/5, ~30 minutes)** A change to the store causes RP purchases to fail. After a quick check, the change was rolled back, fixing RP purchasing again. That change will be investigated to see why the problematic code was approved. **Game Stuff: ** * **Pyke and Zed disabled on TT (5/29, ~2 days)** NOC is notified that Galaxy Slayer Zed on TT is causing the game to crash. Quick testing shows a low reproduction rate, so both champions were disabled until the core issue was fixed. * **Graphics settings cause crashing on TT (5//30, ~36 hours)** NA Live Services pings the NOC about games still crashing after Pyke and Zed have been disabled on TT. Investigation starts looking for other reasons for crashing beyond those two assassins, leading to a specific combination of settings and core code that would cause crashing. A few minor semicolons and a deploy later, and TT is fixed again! **Player Support Issues:** We’re seeing some larger than normal spikes in Lag based tickets. If you’re running into lag (and aren’t on WiFi that may or may not be the root cause of your problem), make sure to go through the connection KB steps [here]( _Morgageddon & Couch Commando_

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Why does opening the shop in game drop my frames to 0 for a few seconds?
> **TheViscero \(NA\) said:** Why does opening the shop in game drop my frames to 0 for a few seconds? It can be caused by a few things. To help you get to the bottom of this, it may be worth checking out this [article]( Try these steps and you may be able to find out what is going on.
Not sure if it's the same on NA, but at least on EUW, mystery ward skin gifting seems to be missing from the essence emporium. The option is there for buying for yourself, but for gifting, mystery mini icon and mystery icon are the only BE options. No mystery ward there.
Proview doesn't count to my quests... Very discouraging to use
Good read :)
> **Sora Omo \(NA\) said:** Proview doesn't count to my quests... Very discouraging to use It should, are you logged in appropriately?
Please help me! Can you give email or other Riot Games supporter email? Sorry for bad english!
> **86Smoke86 \(NA\) said:** Please help me! Can you give email or other Riot Games supporter email? Sorry for bad english! You can always open up a ticket with support, they may be able to help...
Problem solved, thank you so much!
How about the BORING and depressing state of Kayle's rework? Honestly hows she supposed to be a hypercarry when she has no chance at winning lane. And has been reduced to the BORING MYSELF TO SLEEP old 20min farming under tower nasus, just to survive Laning phase?
Why don’t you revert the nerfs on Akali then I’ll consider playing again 🙂
I gust got stared playing this game for the first time and players reported on my for being useless!! when we loosed the match I saw in the chat that the players are going to report on me! my first time playing and all ready getting a bad time because players blame a player for losing!!
the game sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this game is the worst for players reporting beginners for losing a match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the reason why I got banned doesn't make any since!!!! I got banned for losing!!!!! this game is trash!!!!!!! the company needs to fix there game!!!!
beginners deserver respect than instantly getting banned!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm mad at league of legends!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You guy one game and make Billions. There should NEVER BE ANY ISSUES. This is why eventually someone will make a better game and put you clowns out of business. And you will deserve it.
Pro view is a neat little thing but given that I don't care that much about esports to begin with, does not justify a subscription fee. Even if I was more interested in esports, the fee is too much. I realize it does cost you something extra to have 10 extra feeds available for viewing per game, but it's just not that enticing. I have to wonder if it was really worth the expense of implementing.
Hey so I’ve made a thread and reported a lot of bugs for this issue but I’m still plagued with it. When I type in all chat or just hit the ctrl or shift key in a rapid manner my game will freeze and only let me watch my character die. I can’t use abilities but can use summoners. Sometimes my game will crash if I hit enter in the first few minutes of the game. Please help. I couldn’t reproduce this in practice mode but it happens nearly every time I play a pvp. Please help. It makes the game unplayable because of fear of having to take a few minutes to reconnect. EDIT- I know about the issue of the recent disconnects and I assure you that that is not the issue im having. Mine has been going for going on 3 months.
Can u make a campion inspired by Hyakkimaru from The anime Dororo??? I really like The idea that i play Hyakkimaru. U know, like when he s in rage and he becom a half demon with Red fire on him. Plz Riot answer me if u think that this could be The New champion or almost a new project. I Will not deserve any prize by this idea. I just love LOL. With compasion Gagea from EUNE

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