Username update client prompt on pause

Last week, we began rolling out emails to players who need to update their username as part of our transition to Riot Accounts ([more info here]( These emails include a list of accounts attached to your email address, as well as links to learn more about why we're making these changes. For some, that list might include forgotten accounts—maybe you were on vacation in another region, maybe you signed up for PBE, maybe you wanted to play with a friend who lives somewhere else. While most cases of username duplication are legitimate instances of two different people having the same username that **have to be addressed**, having a list of your accounts decreases the chance of you accidentally taking your username away from yourself. And just to clarify, the email **will not** let you know if a different player has the same username as you, due to security risks that arise even if we don't tell you exactly who has the account or what region they're on. Unfortunately, the process of distributing those emails is taking longer than planned. As a result, some of you have run into a mandatory in-client prompt to change your username without knowing why we're asking you to, and without having the account information the email provides. **We've disabled the in-client prompt for now** until the email distribution process is complete. You'll see a dismissable version of the prompt come back soon to make as many people aware of the upcoming change as possible, but we won't make the prompt mandatory again until all emails have been sent. We know this transition has caused a lot of confusion. Our hope is that features like the client's "Stay Signed In" toggle will minimize the frustration of having to adjust to a new username, and that by getting this process done now, your experiences with the upcoming games announced during the 10-year anniversary stream will be smooth. If you have any other questions, please check out [the support article](!

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I'm ok with changing my name with some information attached, but turning on MANDATORY in-client prompt before the emails are all sent is really messed up, I sincerely hope you guys don't EVER do anything this forcefully before letting the users know what's going on. I've submitted a ticket to get my username back (NA & PBE). And to be clear, just because something is good for the long term doesn't give anybody the power to do it without notice. Doesn't just apply to Riot.
i wanna ask about the "Stay Signed In" feature, is it only for Windows 10 or you gonna make it for older windows like 8.1 and 7 ?
Since the accounts are global now, can you confirm that there will be no need to create more accounts to play on other servers?
What if we've already changed our names? Really sucks to lose the account name I've had since Talon release...
I'm so upset that I can't have my username because someone else copied mine and because I got a mandatory change and wanted to know what others where free they could have my username now but I can't. If it lines up with summoner names it's some Russian account that isn't even active, and I'm being punished for it. This transition is trash. If there is a conflict of names the oldest account should have gotten dibs, then after a grace period it should have switched to first-come-first-serve. Instead I don't get to keep my sign-in name because some kid in Russia copied my username then forgot about the account? I seriously want a refund on the summoner name change I purchased way back when, because I purchased it specifically so my names lined up. This is BS and a company as successful as Riot should do better.
How about u fuck right off and let me have the user name ive used for 7 years instead of just fucking me around
Fellow game developer here ... why didn't you just use the login as the person's email account? That's unique. It doesn't really make sense that you're requiring people to have two login names or more. Or, at least, create a solution where you are able to register multiple regions with the same login name IF you are able to verify the ownership of each individually. Honestly there are a few better ways to go about solving this problem than what you've rolled out. One idea is to look at how Blizzard has done their multi-region allowance with their client and how it works with Hearthstone. ~cignet
Same I sent a ticket to get my username back since I had it on PBE and EUW. Such a stupid thing to happen and Riot has handled this really poorly so far. Hope they make things like this way more clear if it ever happens in future.
>We've disabled the in-client prompt for now until the email distribution process is complete. That's cool, but can you change my username back so I can go through the arbitrary motions of changing all my unplayed accounts usernames and leave my main intact then? Because I was one of the lucky ones to get the in game prompt that made me unable to play the game without changing my account login without getting any kind of email.
> **Wørst Shaco Euw \(EUW\) said:** i wanna ask about the "Stay Signed In" feature, is it only for Windows 10 or you gonna make it for older windows like 8.1 and 7 ? I have win 7 and the "stay signed in" feature is working fine for me.
What of those that have already complied with your mandatory name change? While it is nice that players will no longer have to change their name till all the emails are out, a lot of people already have. Are the people who already changed their names just SOL?
I had a very old (pre-2013) PBE account that I can't access anymore because Riot deactivated the account. And even if I get this account back, I'm sure that the EU split in EUW and EUNE (2011) will still block me. That's just dumb, Riot should "liberate" old accounts names that weren't used for years instead of this mess. Why do I have to change the name I've been using for years just because there is an account used once with the same name on the North Pole server?
Alright, this is a good start. Next, can you simply can the entire decision for good? It is clearly unpopular, and try as I might, I couldnt come up with any reason for this change. Its not for security purposes, as reducing the requirements for a login from username, password and server to just username and password makes the accounts *less* secure. Its not for removing the regionlock for future games, as the league accounts are going to remain regionlocked, so having the other games not have regionlocks is a seperate issue. At this point I just dont see a reason to do this other than to annoy the players.
So is it possible for me to get my old username back? It's kind of not fair considering I've played like every season of league of legends since like 2009 or 2010 at least. Like the newest champion I remember coming out when I joined was Poppy the Iron Ambassador... Back when she had her 1v1 meme ult and her Q that was basically just a damage boosted auto. I lost my login username despite having been around that long on NA to... Some guy in a foreign server or something I think. Please help anyoneee Q_Q
lol u guys are stupid in Riot office Most of us already changed our usernames because you even communicate something. That's lame. Give us back our usernames. + Most of us have this problem bcz we have PBE accounts or other servs accounts and since you communicated nothing last few days we were forced to change our name
After changing to a new Username my Account got perma banned. Really frustrating...
Is not unique cause you can have multiples account under same email.
What is the subject heading of the email? I want to know so I can keep an eye out for it.
Speaking of "stay signed in", this client change highlighted a very annoying problem that makes it impossible for this feature to help with the discomfort of having to change usernames: for those of us with accounts in multiple servers, something as simple as a main account and a PBE account, usernames are not remembered when we change servers. If I open the drop down menu and choose PBE, both fields will be blank. When I go back to my main account, I'll click on the server on the drop down menu and, again, I will find both fields empty. This seems like an issue that can be easily fixed: make the client remember the usernames for people not signing in automatically, for any of the servers they log into. I can't stress how irritating it is to have to input Username every single time I swap between servers. Now that I was forced to change, it's even more so.

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