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To make things crystal clear does that mean we could get like plat and challenger chromas, cuz you know we are all challengers. Plus I love the fancy formatting
How do ranked borders work for normal SR? Are they based only on Solo Queue rank, or your highest of solo / flex queue, since both are SR queues?
I am honor level 5; Do I only get the honor 5 ward or honor 3 - 5 ward?
I'm also wondering about this, since orange is my least favorite color and I would much rather use the blue/purple ward skins!
The chromas will be for any tier Gold or higher. There is no specific chroma for each tier after gold.
Great question! You will get one honor ward skin based on your level. If you are honor 5, you will not receive 3 and 4.
If I get plat in flex queue, can I still get the plat border or gold border (solo q)?
Now I wanna unrank my honor level 5 to get that blue ward lmao
If i'm gold SoloQ and Plat 5v5, will i get the Plat border in Normal / ARAM / 5v5 Flex and the Gold one in SoloQ, right?
How different are the borders from flex to solo q? I’m assuming that they will be the same color based on rank but is the flex one gonna look worse then the solo q one?
So there is 3 different chromas?
if i get to plat in 2 Qs , do i get one or two chromas ?
So wait are there 2 separate chroma's for TT and Flex queue?
Nooo, please don't dishonor yourself. {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} This is good feedback, thanks! We'll look into concerns about honor ward skins, and get back to you guys!
So is there a unique chroma for getting gold in Twisted Treeling, meaning one can earn up to three chromas?
So... do I have to drop in honor level to get a (imo) better color? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
I would also love to obtain all 3 ward skins since I love blue and green :/ I think we deserve to get all 3 skins since we passed through all 5 levels and so we should be able to pick our favourite one out of these 3. And could you also explain the chroma thing more? So is there a chroma for 3v3 ranked, flex & soloQ and dependend where we get gold we get the correlated chroma?
Yes, one for Solo Queue, one for Flex queue, and one for Twisted Treeline.
If you get gold or above in a queue you get a chroma for that queue. Hitting plat in two queues means two chromas.

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