The Good, The Bad, and the League: 11/2 - 11/15

_Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other! (Moved to Mondays for easier updates)_ Worlds is over, True Damage (and Giants) launched, TFT Set 2 is live and ranked is near, and the end of the season is basically tonight, with a lot of last minute grinding. Buckle up, the year is almost over! **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug grouped with other Mac bugs. Something to do with .plists * **Project Akali Rose Quartz Chroma disabled(10/25 - 11/8)** The NOC is notified via email that Project Akali’s Rose Quartz Chroma has missing assets, which cause invisible animations in game. Considering that has some game-breaking issues, the NOC disables that particular Chroma until the assets are fixed. This bug is fixed by adding the chomma assets back in patch 9.22. **Ongoing** * **None** **Server Stuff: ** * **Impacted Match History(11/02, ~9 hours)** Automated alerting notices that Match History values aren’t loading properly. NOC disables Match History while triage teams start to diagnose why the system isn’t uploading properly. Live Producers are called, and the root cause is solved after several hours of analysis. * **Delayed game stat processing(11/2, ~45 minutes)** Automated alerting notifies the NOC that game stat processing is starting to fall behind due to high volume of incoming stats. The NOC doesn’t escalate and instead watches to see if the lag behind reaches a critical state. It does not, and the system catches up to real time in an acceptable time frame. * **Delayed game stat processing(11/3, ~270 minutes)** Automated alerting notifies the NOC that data volume for match history is too high. Volume exceeds the ‘wait it out’ expectation, and teams are notified as the NOC disables Match History and enables tickers in the client. This backlog exists until after peak time, at which point the system is caught up and Match History is re-enabled. * **Network Outage causes Leagues issues(11/6, ~4 hours)** An automated alert from a network deploy notifies the NOC and other parties that a specific program is broken. The network deploy causes a system of interconnected systems to fail, requiring a full triage of all related services on NA. Various queues (Logins and ranked) are disabled while the systems undergo recovery. * **Honor system causes messaging spike(11/18, ~6 hours)** Automated alerts identify a problem with Honor services. Engineers notify the NOC that they want to perform a rolling restart on the servers hosting the services. The rolling restart is completed, and the Honor system recovers. * **Error with Freljord Tribe bundle(11/08, ~30 minutes )** Rioters ping the NOC and store teams with errors of arena skin bundle purchases timing out. Investigation shows the bundles aren’t being completed and a re-initiation of the bundle to the database solves the problem. * **Games failing to upload, impacting Match History(11/1, ~125 minutes)** Match History stops working as the data being transmitted/stored is overloading the allocated bandwidth. Adjustments are made to the service to fix the backlog of games waiting to be stored. * **Change to a service prevents confirmation email when buying RP(11/11, ~64 minutes)** NOC is notified that a deploy taking place is causing issues with emails. In response, a rollback of the deploy is made, which fixes the email problem. * **Loot disabled due to insufficient RAM total(11/13, ~3 hours)** NOC is notified that Loot is having problems. The store and loot tabs are disabled, and engineering teams start to diagnose why the systems are having problems. Investigation points to Loot and not the store, which leads to a DB change approved earlier in the day. The DB change wasn’t to correct specs, and has since been fixed. * **Store disabled due to players being unable to purchase content(11/13, ~2 hours)** NOC is notified that players are unable to purchase content within the store. The store is quickly disabled, and the investigation shows the store isn’t the problem (Loot was, this issue was related to the Loot problem in the previous paragraph). Store is re-enabled. **Game Stuff: ** * **One Game server host unreachable, causing issues(11/9, ~4 hours)** The NOC is notified that automated comp mode isn’t running on a specific game host. Player Support reports ghost games on that specific host as well. The NOC investigation shows the game server crashed and never fully recovered. That server was restarted and re-initialized. The server recovered and services were restarted on that host. * **One Game server host causing higher reconnects(11/11, ~70 minutes)** The NOC is notified that one game server host has higher than normal numbers of reconnects. The NOC disables future games on that server to allow the server to drain. Once drained, the server is disabled and added to the check-list of stuff to look at for the next hardware maintenance cycle. _Morgageddon_

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Still anything being worked on relating to the minions spawn frame skipping? Straight up unplayable unless you toggle movement prediction on after minion spawn. Game is super buggy and unresponsive in general. Can refer to my recent post or inquire for more information. This has been a year-long issue and really hoping it gets resolved by next season.
I think the honor systems math is wrong, 50 solo q honors should be more than enough from 1-2 honor. Some people only have time for 1 or 2 games a day and now we don’t get ranked rewards after reforming our ways for months and months. : (
I can't buy the 2019 World's Pass
Because worlds is over.
> **TehDuckTehSecond \(NA\) said:** I can't buy the 2019 World's Pass I brought this issue up with various teams, if you write to Player Support they may be able to help.
This game sucks now
I'm really missing the cd on supp items, anyone else? i mean you can take cd in runes but kinda eh
revert bot items please, the bots are unplayable for the last season. And now REMOVE THE CRI ITEM AND REPLACED BY CLOAK OF AGILITY what a problem. The price is too high and the bot lane is already hard to play. Instead of nerfing bot lanes what about changes the tank. In this game, the most unbalance champions are the tank. The tank is being tanky and does a lot of damage which is the most unbalanced in the game. image a full tank Galio early game q poke you half of your health and build only one mr or armor, then go ap items to do damage.
Good afternoon! I have noticed a bug in TFT where is the enemy has Singed on their team, you can hear the "Singed spell sound" even after the enemy leaves your map.
Address the Frame Drop people are experiencing and Fix it ASAP please
Hi, No one has gotten any answers whatsoever on anywhere that I've looked but I just want to know when transfers will be back to normal? Ranked season ended a little bit ago but transfers haven't been accessible for quite some time and I just want to get back on without disgusting ping after moving. Appreciate the response, thanks!
i have reconnect loop after champ select 4 days now -.-
You are utterly incompetent at your job. Firstly you seem not be able to do the simple task of removing basic botting software from your game WHICH IS AN ONLINE GAME WITHE SERVERS THAT YOU OWN. How are they even able to run AI scripts without you noticing it? THEN you go an REMOVE the map (Twisted Treeline) that kept these AI botters at bay and from not ruining the rest of the game. WHERE DID YOU DELINQUENTS THINK THEY WERE GOING TO GO? DID YOU THINK THEY WERE JUST GOING TO STOP BOTTING? NOW ALL THESE AI BOTS HAVE FLOODED CO-OP! Ruining any chance we have of playing a quick game for First win of the DAY, as well as ARAM WELL DONE AT BEING UTTER TRASH AT YOUR JOBS AND BEING VOID OF ANY BASIC, COMMON SENSE. I wont even get into the abortion that is the new 'support" items! It requires JUST ONE employee at RITO to PLAY JUST ONE game to see how bad they are. Yet you people in all your useless entirety couldnt even do that? Do you people actually get paid a salary to do this job, because that is beyond sad to say the least Honestly, just quit and do something else THIS IS NOT FOR YOU!
Can you guys re-hire Morello and give him complete design control? He made some questionable changes but it always at least felt like he actually played the game we were playing. These dragon souls and the execute feel like changes being made by people with ADD who can't play a game unless things are just busted as all hell and teams are running each other over instead of actually out playing each other. Most of the souls are an immediate ff if the enemy team gets them, and elder will end the game no matter what unless your team really can't win off the enemy team losing 20% of their max hp/dmg mitigation. Its ridiculous how little foresight seemed to be put into elder. 20%? Really? You guys want to entirely eliminate any kind of late game desperate final stands because no one will be able to try and win the fight with 5-15% hp remaining anymore? Honestly this game with be UNWATCHABLE if elder is in play in the pro scene. The only thing that might save it is pros won't usually let elder spawn. Solo q on the other hand will be a snowball festival where the team that gets the first drags gets them all and goes on to win uncontested after that first drag falls. Disgusting. Hire some high elo players who play the game consistently and understand what makes the game FUN. Executes and more DMG do NOT make the game more fun. We want LESS DMG so that you have to actually OUTPLAY an opponent instead of just one shotting them. We want LESS executes because they drastically reduce your potential for outplaying while not being hard for the enemy to use thus you don't feel like you really got outplayed, just noob tubed essentially. Idk. Feels like the design/balancing of this game is being done by people who fundamentally do not actually understand their product, or mobas in general and especially don't understand what attracts players to them. From every rework/new champ being released broken, issues highlighted on PBE going unchanged till it hits live and ruins an entire patch cycle, mass true dmg, executes, lethality and no love for any other kind of items. Its awful and something should change. The current team seems ambitious and like they have lots of ideas, they simply have no one to check their worst impulses and design trends. Get some high elo players in that office and give them veto power over the changes being put forward. Seriously.
Question. League of Legends coming to Google Stadia as well??
DEAR RIOT, On behalf of your loyal league of legends players we would kindly like to please request the return of Nexus Blitz game mode whether permanent or EVEN appearing once a year. It was a very exciting and fun game mode. I started playing league of legends 2018 at the start of this game mode and enjoyed it immensely among hundreds perhaps thousands of players. It was very sad to see in the nexus link that it was not going to appear as a permanent game mode. Every single one of the hundreds of comments in that forum thread was all up for this game mode. Everyone has having so much fun and found really noone to be toxic. Games are all about having FUN don't you agree for everyone! Now that twisted tree line is gone were now down to only two (2) permanent game modes. (Excluding TFT) Not everyone is cut out to play in summoners rift or ARAM. People can be very serious and toxic in both these modes if your not good at them which everyone isnt. Some people only play SR and some only ARAM for various reasons. Sure it can be very hard for me to explain in great detail on behalf of everyone but the evidence available for viewing in this game and in forums is very strong. Even in that forum thread you Riot have noticed alot of people playing this game. If you bring it back once a year or permanently people will be very happy and your player count will surely increase. Please re-read all the comments from the link provided above. I believe it would be a very good choice to bring this game mode back. So many comments have indicated people really love league and love these exciting unique game modes. And many also say that that they will leave league of things don't change and I'm afraid I might have to agree with them. I love league so much also but we need a fun game mode like Nexus Blitz to keep coming back to League. When I started league last year for the first time I played every single day for many many months in a row. And it all started when Nexus Blitz first came out that made so much joy and fun. Please Riot keep your loyal players constant here and happy. Myself and many others could go on and on to try to convince you but simply and honestly: Please bring nexus blitz back. Thank you for your time. TO ALL THE SUMMONERS OUT THERE: I know you are out there that love Nexus Blitz as much as I do. There is evidence of it all over the past forums and in the gameplay still. We just need to get more of the word out to others to join our cause to bring this mode back. Numbers is everything. Every game I play a game I ask everyone about Nexus Blitz. People do miss it. Now is the perfect time now that twisted tree line has retired. Summoners rift and aram is just not enough and is not fun like Nexus Blitz is. We need to create more discussions here on the boards to get more people to pay attention to Nexus Blitz so Riot can see this as well and consider returning Nexus Blitz. Show your support and spread the word in every game. Bring out your old icons from Nexus Blitz. Create massive club that supports this game mode. Do whatever it takes to bring this back. Please don't let Nexus Blitz disappear forever. Remember!
Fix Frame Drop please holy shit my computer crashed like 10 times now in a week.
I second this. While I am a looooong way from being high elo, I still understand that the snowball meta has really gotten completely out of hand. Pushing for shorter games is fine, but these mechanics are totally eliminating the possibility of the already elusive comeback. Damage is insane, the way the games plays out now is much more solo focused (I may have had one teamfight since preseason released, and it was probably a fluke), and coordination post-laning phase consists entirely of collecting dragons or arguing over why someone clicked NO to the /ff.
Any word on the Yuumi Q or Swain E being? Tired of hardly being able to see these phantom shots...

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