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This is just an example of the stuff ive been seeing in my games luckily this game nobody went woodlands however the amount of glacials i see in my games if just ridiculous. I see little to no variety and sure i dont mind it because i run shadow 6 , mage 6 or light 6 and while woodlands is very overpowered, now that the glacial comp gets this extra damage rather than a higher chance to stun everyone wants to run it. The real problem is that with a spatula (which i hate that i can not get them from roulette anymore) you can easily get another glacial thats why woodlands falls off late game imo, but i dont feel like there is enough early game potential from all traits/classes all the players I have gone up against have woodlands and glacial early and its just not fun to try and survive long enough to pull out a full set when people have a 2 star maokai and ivern that just soak up all the damage and frontline. However this is not a rant i was just shocked and didnt realize until i was at the end game report that 4 people had a 2 star braum 3 people had a warwick 3 people had volibear 3 people had olaf like i said its not as bad as it seems once I hit mage 6 the double cast covers the stun its just a shame nobody else even came close (won with 89 health) to giving me a good fight and yes this was in normals mainly because i was going for a woodlands 6 3 star lux to see how hard it is to get it. If you took the time to read this i appreciate your time i just wanted to share my current experiences

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woodland isnt a strong comp... at all...
Trying a comp that request spatula is risky cause the chances are low and if spatula don't come you'll finish 6-8th position. The same thing for 6 mages, without spatula your are scrolled in high divisions. Sadly, right now playing comps that request spatula will keep you in low divisions. Look at challengers stats, you'll barely see 6 mages/glacials.
Woodlands is an early comp. 4 glacial is a early-mid game comp and 6 glacial isn't as strong as it sounds, but more of a bait right now. Any late game comp with a strong frontline can easily crush those glacial.
This is just an example of what happens when too many people go for the same meta comp. In this case Glacials. They all competed for the same champions, and they all lost to somebody who had no competition. In this case 6 Mages + Woodland. It could be even stronger as 6 Mages + 4 Ocean (Thresh and Nautilus instead of Maokai and Ivern). It could be 6 Shadows, or 6 Lights, or 6 Infernos too. When you are the only one going for your comp while everybody else is competing for the same stuff, you win.

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