Prestige in the first half of 2020

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Will there be one for Gemstone skins too?
I like playing Zoe, but does she really need another skin before Ornn?
Super excited about a malphite skin !
Two Zoe skins?! I'm hype!!!!!
>Unlocking a 2020 Prestige skin via loot drop or skin shard reroll will only grant the border and icon if the skin is still obtainable via 2020 Prestige Points or Event Tokens. Glad to see that changed
These are just prestige skins (fancy chromas that cost an absurd amount of time/cash). Hopefully we're getting an Ornn skin soon enough but I really don't need or want him to get a prestige skin, a regular skin will do. Edit: So we are definitely getting a new Ornn skin. Elderwood Ornn, by the looks of it.
They technically only cost US$15 or so (to buy the pass) but the true cost is the time it takes to grind to get tokens to get the prestige skin/100 prestige points. It’s pretty much a legendary chroma with a lot of effort to earn it Edit: some are cooler than others. The TD Qyiana and Spooky MF are the best IMO
Ornn's actually got a new elderwood skin confirmed and coming in soon! it looks really nice
I'm surprised they're doing a Zyra skin :O
So happy for Zyra, they always said that Zyra was one of the most time consuming champs to make skins for because the amount of time for her is almost to or equal as a legendary skin {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
And then they made Kayn.
Probably not, there's not a reason to announce them ahead of time. Prestige is time limited.
The new video about products this year said they heard our concerns about the endless grind for event content, and will address it in events in 2020.
Ornn was revealed to be getting one in the skins and events video alongside many others that haven't seen them in ages
The new system for obtaining tokens is way better, along with these announcements. I just wish they would bring back the old prestige skins one last time now that the system is less of a grind and has fixed many issues due to feedback. Literally would make me explode more than I already am over the announcement of PRESTIGE ZOE!!! (IF IT'S A BATTLE ACADEMIA YOU CAN TAKE ALL MY MONEY AND I WOULD FEEL LESS BAD NOT HAVING BATTLE ACADEMIA LUX WHICH I AM SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY TO TRY AND GET FROM LOOT) Besides me constantly complaining about that constantly, THANK GOD YOU'RE CHANGING THE BORDERS YEARLY. THE NEW BORDER LOOKS SO MUCH BETTER THAN LAST YEARS AND THE FACT THAT YOU'RE MAKING NEW ONES YEARLY JUST MAKES THEM MORE SPECIAL THAN JUST THE SAME BORDER FOR EVERY PRESTIGE (which really, would make obtaining the border not really worth it) I LOVE YOU RIOT
And a prestige variant, it's like unexpected

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