72 IQ Meta --- TROLLS 24/7

So, this player: 72 IQ Meta constantly trolls games. And he ALWAYS goes jg. And in my game, he got the support role. He NEVER SAID A WORD. Insta locked master yi smite. And stole camps from the jungle...even flash smited red. Of course my team was upset, but the enemy team just laughed and thanked him for the win. Now, the reason why Im posting this is because this behavior does not get punished. He just trolled us and says hes never been banned. And I beleive it..I still see him playing games, and I even watch them and see hes doing the same thing. So all i want to say is this: Riot, I hope you all fking die and go to hell. Because you guys allow this. I reported him, posted in forums, hell I even sent you an email about him. It's an easy fix, BAN HIM. But you don't. You goddamn idiots do nothing about trolls. You guys are the dumbest, braindead company ive ever, ever played. I honestly hope the mods/riot whatevers who read my report die of cancer for not punishing that behavior. That is my rant.

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I agree. FUK RIOT
That guy saying he's never been banned is a load of bullshit; he's just saying that to further rile everyone up on the team. That being said: I think anyone who plays this game for longer than a week hates the company behind it. I've put in a couple thousand matches across four accounts over several years in pieces and this game just pisses everyone off who plays it; that's very normal. Basically if you want to play league of legends; either be a passive timid person who just sits down and lets people treat you however they want without a word back or be prepared to make dozens of accounts; because passive timid people make the rules for this game and passive timid people can't handle being told they are making a mistake (or watch it happen to others) without freaking the fuck out.

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