A new support champion Sha' Meen

Taric is a great support and one of my favorites. However he's best played against a predominantly physical damage composition. There doesn't seem to be a support who's strength works well against a mainly AP composition. Here's a concept. A long time ago when Rune Terra was young. Before the time of borders and wars, champions and magic. There lived a spirit people known as the Sha. A people who lived on the evermist island of Eréha Tel. These people lived in harmony and balance with nature, and aspired to gain wisdom and knowledge in matters beyond the physical world. They studied the realm of the ethereal, the place where magic was born. They had many unusual abilities like the power of creation and the ability to communicate with the spirit realm. In fact, some say they could transcend the physical and become pure spirit. The Sha have lived in secrecy for many thousands of years. But a great unbalancing of magical forces has caused the Sha to send forth a warrior to the Fields of Justice. This warrior will see the ethereal and physical become once again balanced. This warrior is named Sha'Meen. Sha' Meen (I do not know or I am not associated with the people/business in the link, but Sha'Meen would look similar to this) https://www.dreamstime.com/indian-woman-traditional-dress-posing-wild-forest-native-american-indian-woman-traditional-dress-image134912462 The Spirit Guide Passive: Nearby allies gain increased magic resistance (5-15% based on Sha'Meen's level). Q: Spirit Arrow (the mechanics of it would be basically the same as Varus' Q (Piercing Arrow)) Deals 20-40/40-60/60-80/80-110/120-150 + 30AP (based on length of time the bow is drawn back) magic damage to the first enemy hit and 70% reduced damage to all subsequent enemies hit. If two or more enemies are hit by the arrow Sha' Meen restores/steals 10/20/30/50 (2-5 enemies hit) mana to herself and her tethered ally. R: Open the Veil: Spirit Arrow Heals allied champions that the arrow passes through for 40/60/80/110/150 + 40% AP and slows enemies by 20% for 1.5 seconds in addition to restoring mana to allies within a 200 unit range of Sha' Meen or her tethered ally and damages enemy champions by (80/120/160/220/300 +40%AP) magic damage. W: Ethereal Tether (Mechanics of it would be similar to Taric's W (Bastion)) Sha'Meen tethers herself to an ally that is with in 1600 units further increasing their magic resistance an additional 10% beyond the 5-15% her passive provides. While tethered Sha' Meen can activate Ethereal Tether and cause her ally and herself to take a spirit form for a brief period of time (0.75/1/1.25/1.5/2 seconds) becoming immune to all physical damage and all forms of crowd control but they become vulnerable to all forms of magic damage by an additional 30%. Also all basic attack damage becomes magic damage of the same magnitude as the physical damage. R: Open the Veil: Ethereal Tether Nearby allies (like Taric's Bastion AOE) also take a spirit form and are made immune to physical damage and crowd control they are also ghosted and can walk through solid objects. But become vulnerable to magic damage by and extra 50% E: Know Thyself For a short period of time (.5/.75./1/1.25/1.75 seconds) Sha' Meen and her tethered ally reflect all basic abilities back at the caster(s) or nullifies them if the enemy self casts an ability within a 1000 unit range. R: Open the Veil: Know Thyself Sha'Meen reflects all ultimate abilities back at the caster(s) (take that and shove it Karthus) or nullifies all self cast ultimate abilities cast within 1500 units of Sha'Meen or her tethered ally. R: Open the Veil (This mechanic would be essentially the same as Karma's R) Sha'Meen gains additional abilities or empowers her basic abilities when casting a basic ability after first pressing R.

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