Mechs And Minions Delivery Date and Box Size

I'm going to San Antonio for PAX South from Argentina. I'll be there for 5 days (11th to 16th), and wanted to know if I buy the game now it will make it in time to my hotel and the box size, too see if I can actually bring it or not. I'm posting from my old smurf account on NA, do i have to buy the game with this account on the NA merch or is there any way I can use my main account from LAS sever?

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For shipping it probably should. Or you can always get it shipped to someone you trust in the us and then they can ship it to you. As for the account question i dont think it matters but im not really sure either way.
Server wise you would want something in NA if you plan on playing here in San Antonio. As for the shipping no idea.
As for the box: That sucker is both huge and heavy. I'd guess somewhere around the 20 pound mark. The only larger game I have is Gloomhaven.

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