Why do I have a chat restriction when this Lee was more toxic, and inted completely?

Like, charged Nasus twice under the tower, didn't use chat log until he decided to blame me for "feeding" Nasus with 1 death, and tried to tilt me into fighting him instead of playing safe instead of farming for some reason. Like here's my chat log. Game 1 In-Game PhoenixTrite123: lee? PhoenixTrite123: wheres flash? PhoenixTrite123: ? PhoenixTrite123: ya gonna use chat at all mate? or ping PhoenixTrite123: ok jg is not gonna communicate ganks PhoenixTrite123: gonna call a jg diff right now PhoenixTrite123: so twitch is already ganking PhoenixTrite123: he has is ult PhoenixTrite123: dont PhoenixTrite123: twitch got the first kill PhoenixTrite123: cause you didnt farm fast enough PhoenixTrite123: nice to know you can use chat to assign blame tho PhoenixTrite123: yep PhoenixTrite123: this is cool PhoenixTrite123: asked for early ganks in champ select, what do i get, lee sin who cant use chat and immediately ganked by twitch and it snowba PhoenixTrite123: cool PhoenixTrite123: i was getting gold from tower plating, PhoenixTrite123: now i can build PhoenixTrite123: dont need your ganks PhoenixTrite123: not anymore, nice to see you use chat to be toxic PhoenixTrite123: werent talking before now you are to be a bitch, you really are a cool dude PhoenixTrite123: like, communication is kinda important in this game moron PhoenixTrite123: top lane PhoenixTrite123: kinda a 1v1 PhoenixTrite123: you do that roaming PhoenixTrite123: not doing a good job PhoenixTrite123: smart PhoenixTrite123: lol PhoenixTrite123: great job PhoenixTrite123: one more death and we homies PhoenixTrite123: farming PhoenixTrite123: sorry thats a strategy PhoenixTrite123: you know how this game works right? PhoenixTrite123: can you not farm my waves PhoenixTrite123: gtfo of my lane %%%% PhoenixTrite123: lol PhoenixTrite123: feeding PhoenixTrite123: just charginh in my lane PhoenixTrite123: yeah, thats why im farming you r%%%%% PhoenixTrite123: do you know how to play this game? PhoenixTrite123: yep PhoenixTrite123: r%%%%%ed PhoenixTrite123: aight imma head out PhoenixTrite123: not puttin up with this toxic r%%%%% who doesnt know how the game works PhoenixTrite123: just wanted to let you know im reporting you for inting PhoenixTrite123: literally charged into nasus twice PhoenixTrite123: fuckin brained PhoenixTrite123: brainded PhoenixTrite123: least i have a kill homie PhoenixTrite123: lee, you are going to get banned PhoenixTrite123: griefing and inting PhoenixTrite123: thats why i started an ff earlier PhoenixTrite123: didnt go for that one Like, how did I get a chat restriction for this? Nice punishment system Riot.

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Because two wrongs dont make a right. Because retaliation is useless and forbidden in Lol and I urge you to read the simple rules of the game: https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/207489286-Instant-Feedback-System-FAQ-#h1q7 https://support-leagueoflegends.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/summoners-code
I don't have a link to the website because google is fucking defective but, according to Riot, you can still get banned for responding to a toxic player since you still contribute to what's not allowed, even if what they said was far worse. Mute and move on
You're also assuming you didn't *both* get punished.

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