rip boards and rip league

i've been playing league since season five. i've spent a lot of money and i've played A LOT OF games. the 9th the boards will be shut down and riot has just released externals.. aka OP.GG That you pay for. i just wanna say i don't think this game will be popular a lot longer. i just wanted to say bye. i dont think as well ill be playing a lot longer. this has been a HUGE part of my life and im greatful for the wonderful time ive spent playing league, <3 farewell everyone. i wont see you on the rift

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I uninstalled this game happily. While Riot is a business, it's not hard to see that ALL they truly care about now is money. The customers, they could give a hell less about. Let me explain their methods to you. 1: They PURPOSELY don't update game modes, so they have a REASON to delete them from the game.. Remember Dominion left untouched for ages? Remember Twisted Treeline? Left untouched for ages. Notice how they purposely do that & then say "But not many people use these game modes, SO we're deleting it, but hey! here's a icon!" 2: They even SAID in their Riot video, they will focus mainly on SKINS. Their MAIN focus, SKINS. Sure they'll make promises on fixing the trash client, but let's be real here.. When the hell have they ever kept their promises. 3: Toxic players rule this game now, it's a fact. It's a pure fact. Remember Tyler1 who got unbanned for "Reforming"? He's on stream every. single. day. raging at his team mates, cursing them out, trash talking them, making them just feel like complete trash. Guess what? Riot refuses to ban him now, he's literally able to be toxic EVERY game, because he's on their cute little favorite list, which grants more traffic to the game & more mooooney! I've played League for 8 years now & let me be honest here, uninstalling this game was the best moment in my life. The company is ungrateful for the community who has driven them so far & able to create new games. If you're a smart person, don't come back to League. Don't. The company has no respect for it's playerbase. TL;DR: Game is good, developers are trash. Encourages people to be toxic, by keeping a toxic player unbannable. They don't care about anyone's opinion (Boards being deleted, while Reddit, anyone who has a issue with game state, gets perma muted from it). I feel bad for anyone who plays this disaster of a "game".
Yes, more and more people are finally noticing that the quality has dropped down, and they aren't trying anymore to make money upon quality, but just by milking some "naive" kids. Hope a good alternative will show up soon, and wipe out this ~~sh~~ sad chinese thing.
I will return to Dota 2, not a big loss for me. Riot can't even maintain their boards anymore so what does even balance mean to them? First, they've deleted comments from patch notes and now they are deleting all boards. Seems like all of these people were saying true about Riot after bought by China.

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