The War Against Fill Players

Alright, I'm kinda tired of this now. Do I understand that you guys need the ability to stay on the surface? Yes. But you keep breaking promises. When you said you were going to release eternals, you said that you would make them use BLUE ESSENCE. Which would make sense, since the only people who would really get them are long time players with more BE to do with than they care for anyways. But when I looked today, I saw something different, and it pissed me off. $5 for each, or $45 for every champion in the game. I was SO happy that as a fill player I could finally maybe show off that I'm good at a wide variety things, but you ruined it in one swoop with this crappy price tag. I play a unique character almost _every_ game in league, and have Mastery 7 on 31 champions and Mastery 6 on another 20 some. I feel ripped off. I wanted to feel like I was working towards something but then you just kinda ripped it out from under me, and its depressing. As a full time college student, I don't really have the money to put $60 flat down on something. Thats cash I could use to get me by for a day with food, cash that I could use to help a person in need. I have tons of blue essence and would have loved to actually use it on something, but hey if you can't make money you aren't *#&@ing happy anymore. This is just one of my complaints, and as you might have read I said war on fill players, not just eternals. You at one point tried to change the ranked system to do positional matchmaking, and then you guys buckled under the pressure of all the people that just want to one-trick their way to victory and said it was unfair for us to get LP for filling. You could have improved the system, but instead you decided to just get rid of it, making it so that one-tricks will always be the ones to get ahead because us fill players just can't compete with an opponent that has over 1k games on a champion, whereas we played someone for maybe our 100th time. There's even simple solutions to this, like doing what HotS and displaying peoples names in lobbies, allowing you to actually scout the other team and make reasonable bans. But nooooo that would hurt the one tricks and punish them too much. On top of this, fill isn't even fill anymore and you guys have yet to fix your *#&@ system for it either. For some reason, if you still support, that counts as an autofill negation despite the fact that support is healthier than it has been in a long time. I feel like every game I "fill" I'm being placed in jungle anymore, and its utterly frustrating as jungle is the one role that I just CAN'T play, and no matter how much I play it I don't get better at it. Filling in this game has gotten abysmal to the point where I just can't enjoy it anymore. I used to love the feeling of being this versatile player, but that doesn't matter at all when every game is dictated by one lane losing or people not wanting to listen. At that point, why do we even exist?

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