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Hey guys, A few players are reporting issues interacting with the game during a match, or unable to use their mouse or keyboard. The culprit here seems to be Discord Overlays. Disabling Discord Overlays should fix this up! https://imgur.com/Jw8wE81 Be super wary about apps and modifications, they can be prone to cause issues and are not something we support. More info on our stance for [third party apps](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/225266848). Stay safe friends!

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I didn't even know Disc had an ingame overlay and lost a ranked game cause of this ;-;
I just lost a ranked provisional game to this =\ It really bites. Couldn't do anything but watch even after restarting the game a few times.
I have issues with imputing key commands even when I don't have discord open. Usually if I completely exit out of the client and restart then it fixes it. But almost every first match I que for won't allow me to input key commands until I restart. (mouse and mouse commands work but using key presses to cast spells will not) this has been going on for months tho. Since before discord even had the overlay I believe.
This could be a different issue caused by corrupt settings, so it can't save and sync to our servers. A config reset may help out here: Log into the game client. Navigate to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Config Delete the file named **game.cfg** and **persistedsettings.json**Go into a custom game and verify that settings have saved properly. Leave game to sync settings.
Here it goes. I do have a problem with this game occasionally, and the only solution support tickets get me is to exit the game, open the riot folder and delete my input.ini file. I don't know if this is similar to the current problem, but I do not open discord, I have Skype open in the back, but hardly ever play with it on. This just happens randomly to me and I can always check at the start of a game by pressing y to see if my keyboard is working. My Mouse will work fine, but this is extremely irritating, and exiting the game, in a ranked game, and maybe getting back before the minions crash in mid lane and then I start the game behind. do you guys have any suggestions?
Thank you so much. This happened to me, and I was so mad because I had to afk until 15 minutes (for surrender) the first game I ever played with a group of friends I haven't played with for a long time. Was pretty embarrassing..
Sticky keys always messes up my games I have yet to find any issues with discord thanks for the heads up though
This here is the exact reason why i hate overlays in games. Not all games work the same and some times the overlay is ugly and gets in the way, they flash and distract when someone talks. When i notice any program has an overlay enabled by DEFAULT I get annoyed and then have to figure out before the game starts how to disable it and some programs have very badly made ways to find the settings for it. I just recently installed Twitch chat, which used to be curse voice and the settings are under FILE which is a terrible place for that. I had to put up with that crap for an entire match, hate overlays i wish people would not make them DEFAULT ENABLED. If people want an overlay they will enable the overlay and once the people who make voice chat programs understand that we will all be a little happier. (sorry for the rant)
Oof that just happened to me. AFK timer here I come. Btw, this also affects heartstone and dead by daylight if anyone is also have problems there.
Oh my god, thank you for this. I would have never thought that this would even be an issue... But it's fixed now.
If you guys aren't providing native support for Discord, your priorities in development are kinda... fucked. Not to mention that shows your company suffers a complete disconnect from current reality, which is that Discord is pretty much mandatory for any kind of non-solo online activity nowadays.
Same :( My team flamed me really hard and all I could do was watch
Overlays can cause issues with any game they sit over, it's never a guarantee that there will be no interaction. Riot have perfectly good support for discord... If you don't use the overlay right now. I mean if you are like, "Pro" then you need ~~the overlays so you can see what's going on~~ to buy a second screen.
No problems with discord, But I have been getting bugsplats in loading screen almost every game ever since installing plays.tv, bugsplatted 6 times during placements loading screen as well as failing to reconnect when joining back. Additionally I'd load in last every game, where as before I was usually the first. I disabled the auto recording of plays.tv, and never had a problem since (20+ games since). I think plays.tv launching the recording function caused the game to stall loading, which league picked up as an error and bugsplatted instead.
Running discord in administrator should solve this I believe, as it won't force overlay if you do.
That is on the developer of the third party software (discord) to ensure it is supported. As is standard practice with any software that compliments a game or program.
The reason for this is the with out admin privileges some programs need to force overlay to receive input(this is to prevent key loggers) so just enable admin privileges for discord and it should work.
Run league in administrator.
In-browser discord is superior.

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