Matchmaking be like....

MY TEAM Bronze 4 Bronze 1 Silver 2 (me) Silver 2 Bronze 1 ENEMY TEAM Bronze 1 Silver 2 (platinum last season) Silver 2 Gold 4 Silver 3 Everything falls apart every few seconds except my lane. I'm a roaming mid and get to fight faster but all teammates just die. Game too early to have a meaningful lead to be able to 1v9. So very tilting to have this huge ELO gap between two teams. You can't even be mad at your teammates at this point.

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Matchmaking in this game, has been, and always will be a fkking joke. For years this has been an insane problem, rigging games ever since, and since you can not sell "better matchmaking" in the store, they will never bother to even try fixing it. RIP RITO
This game, from the very lobby, is a rigged piece of garbage that's made to keep you hooked. I have started capturing snapshots of all the games I play, and it's obviously intentional. I win lane. I farm. I hold turret and destroy enemy turret. Meanwhile, my jungler doesn't even take the fucking turtles, let alone herald or dragons, 19 out of 20 games. And what about my mid? Losing lane like it's nobody's business, or my botlane with half the farm and twice the deaths? So the mechanic is this: I win lane and destroy turret but during teamfights, even if I'm two levels above, my team gets shat upon. And don't even get me started on when the enemy jungler babysits my lane and my jungler farms 5 meters away. And this because i have a 55% winrate in draft. I regularly yearly quit this garbage of a game and you should too, or at least play it for a month or so a year, and then let it rot. There's plenty of actual other free good games around. And of course, don't give them a dime because the game doesn't deserve it, with all its malpractices: 1. It's intentionally flawed to increase punishment reward effect and artificially keep players hooked, making good people think defeat is their fault when matchmaking puts them in team with mouth breathing subhumans that should not own a fucking computer, and that grief, troll, feed and blame others when they're 1 7 3 (my average jungler, not shitting you) 2. It's full of hidden mechanics. Matchmaking knows perfectly your average distance to your team, your teamfight proficiency, your lane domination factor among dozens other parameters, and uses those to keep you as nearly below 50% winrate as possible, so that you don't advance unless you play with somebody else whos' good, only to achieve slightly better, below 50% winrate 3. Have you noticed how your winrate drops dramatically after each S? Win an S game solo, prepare to get 75iq feeding trash mid, bot and jg. I have the screenshots. 4. It's an intentionally toxic pile of flaming shit. Griefers and trolls, stupidly obvious to detect mathematically even for a college dropout with all the metric data they collect, are left to rampage. Point is they're good for business, since controversy fuels the punishment reward effect above. Once, you got a message that thanked you because you reported a subhuman. This has stopped 4 years ago I think, at this point. Feeders and inters are literally unpunished. 5. It's a miserable, subhuman fueled pay to win experience. Every new champ comes with an increased winrate due to mongoloid obvious op stats (see sett shield, sylas when it came out, etc. I could go on non-stop i guess), while off meta old ones get nerfed into submission. 6. Meanwhile, annoying and toxic garbage champs like yASSuo (from the well known mentally challenged individual that's so dear to rito, and that invented similar other cash grab garbage), keep getting buffed every season while rito says they're nerfing them (and in reality in paper they're actually literally buffing. Real fact. This happens all the time. Google it.), for the simple reason that they attract mouth breathers that spend $$$ for shiny shit. 7. Technical trash. You really think you're so bad at farming? I've watched my replays to realize that I deal last hits to the cs and they die without gold retribution, when there's no minion hitting them. It's simple math. If the thing has 90hp and you deal 100, it's yours, but magically, repeatedly so happens that just because there's allied minions near you, that last hit wasn't yours. It's obviously latency, but what sort of a piece of shit networking subsystem allows this. And I fucking play with 50ms. 8. Cheats. Once there was a site called elobuddy where people could download scripts for auto farm, auto last hit enemy champions, auto dodge enemy skills, auto use items like botrk, and similar other, even more advanced, spineless garbage. Now rito claims that this piece of trash 'engine' they have is better at handling scripts but guess what, it's not. You can regularly see those unrankeds doing 25 - 3 in a level 0 champ, once every 10 or so games. They're not regular smurfs. They're cheaters. Quite probably cheater smurfs. Check your games. Look at how many times you get those. Second my screenshots, it's one in every 15 games or less. 9. These very forums. A piece of flaming pile of trash that can't even pull a numbered list properly, where never ever happened that an actual rito employee ever considered anything that was written. Seriously. Quit at least for 10 months a year. It's not hard. The game is garbage. Do your placements for the kick of it and maybe play some more to get out of elo hell, but then stop.
> Seriously. Quit at least for 10 months a year. It's not hard. Then why do you keep playing year after year? If there's so many good games around why would you willingly play "garbage"?

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