Legends of Runeterra

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"beta season is here" oh cool let me log in oh... i cant cause i dont have the permission... rip guess the beta season isnt here. well you tried your best i guess. guess 200 years of experience wasnt enough to make the announcement AFTER the servers are live. edit: just watched the video. "starting january 24th" but saying "beta season is here"... you guys just cant stop being cruel assholes toying with us cant you?
Great, overhyped for Legends of Runeterra. Im so glad on everything from the monetization to the art, the sounds, the voicelines everything. It's been a long time since i was so happy about something Riot did (well now that i think of it... there were a lot of good stuff int he Anniversary video...) Wishing great success to the game.
RIP, not here at all. Getting my hopes up again.

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