Client Account Issues

Ok so whenever I would try logging onto the new League of Legends client it would ask me to make a new username. For awhile I just decided to play on the old legacy client but today I tried the new client again. It asked the same thing but I decided to input in a new name because I figured that it would make a new account and then I could just log out and relog in and it would put me onto my real account. I tried doing this but now whenever I log into the new client it always puts me in this new account which is not what I want. I can still log into my real account using the legacy client using the same username and password which is strange. I have a lot of skins in this game and I don't want to have to be stuck in the legacy client forever but at the same time I obviously don't want to start off new in the legacy client because then I would lose all my progress and all the money I put into the game

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Hi Milo221, how are you launching the League client update? Its very strange that its not bringing you to the login page initially.
I can login from the old legacy client fine, but when I login through the new client is when I get problems. Instead of just putting me through into the game after putting in my username and password it makes me login to a different account

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