autofill and queue dodge

Whenever i want to play a normal game, i just can't get my first role. I want mid/top, i just get support or sometimes top. Riot, why don't you just remove autofill? Do you frekin understand that people queue dodge when they don't get the role they want? I guess they think that autofill makes the matchmaking shorter, but it's the fuqing opposite : 3 minutes matchmaking -> somebody gets autofilled in support > he leaves, you just loosed 4 minutes. now you keep searching for a match : 2 minute matchmaking -> you get support -> you queue dodge -> you loose 8 minutes {{summoner:3}} now this will continue until you find someone that mains support or just don't want to queue dodge; But even if you are not support, you will probably get your secondary role. now if autofill didn't exist, the matchmaking would be longer BUT you would not get a role you SUCK with and you will be able to play league of legends. the only problem is that, you are waiting for someone that wants to play support, and you know, people hate supporting. in conclusion : every thing would be easier if e-girls were playing adc

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I agree. No justification as to why Autofill works can justify the real life results. What you said is exactly what happens. In Riot's eyes this works and I doubt they will remove it.

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