Goodbye Sweet Forums

Farewell to the final forums last seen on Summoners Rift. For many years these forums have been the home to creative minds, communication, and the occasional troll. Things like Manmo (the Manliest Teemo ever), Dunkmaster Darius interview, and amazing art works for fantastic skin lines. We've seen it all and still have much more to see. From fantastic game modes to horrible champion balance. Yes we have seen many many things, but at the end of the day we can say we all love League of Legends. Rise or fall, fail or succeed, League of Legends will sadly outlive these forums where we as a community came together. Regardless of what we as the community view as horrible or great decisions made by Riot (and more likely Tencent) we need to continue to support the game and voice our opinions for League of Legends as it continues to expand into new games and expand its universe. This is my final post on these forums, but I will continue. See you on Reddit and on the Rift, summoners. Favorite Champions: {{champion:82}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:99}}

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It's a shame Riot doesn't realize the damage they are doing. " You only appreciate what you have once it's gone", they say. Riot will be sorry for archiving all the memories of they people who feed them and put a plate ( or should i say billion dolalr plates? ) on their table.

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