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Alohaaaa everyone, If you read this thread here then the official forum of League of Legends is apparently already tight and many find that more than suboptimal ... A small team has given some thought and therefore sent the League Board (forum) to the www. The still small platform offers a lot of space for all discussions. The forum already offers numerous features which were unfortunately missing here and were never added. A simple, rather dark design but still kept bright. The forum is meant to be a point of contact for every region except Garena and China. The platform currently offers the following servers with languages: - German (EUW) - English (EUW & NA) - Turkish (TR) - still under construction - Spanish (LAN & LAS) - still under construction - Russian (RUS) - still under construction We improve the forum every day with more features to meet the wishes of the community. For the future, we also want to work with the Riot API, i.e. : - You can connect your account to the client using a verification code, so your summon name, region, level and league are imported directly - You can view and share your match history on the platform - We can host tournaments with prizes and much more is planned. Furthermore, the forum will be expanded to include guides, live game tracking etc. We are also looking for moderators for the English area & administrators for the Turkish, Russian and Spanish area. A PM with some information about you is enough, in the German section you will find a more detailed description. We can be reached at the following links: (It doesn't matter which link you use & save) https://www.league-forum.de https://www.league-forum.com https://www.league-forum.net https://www.league-board.de https://www.league-board.com https://www.league-board.net We would be very grateful for a visit and criticism as well as suggestions! We look forward to seeing you :) ~ League Board Staff

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> [{quoted}](name=ShenraZ,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=AhsQAWBE,comment-id=,timestamp=2020-03-0 - German (EUW) - English (EUW & NA) - Turkish (TR) - still under construction - Spanish (LAN & LAS) - still under construction - Russian (RUS) - still under construction No Polish, I am in.
I can help you with czech version
> **Wyraw \(EUNE\) said:** I can help you with czech version Tak jo. Jk. Nemám na to oprávnění. Btw, zatím tam je víc moderátorů než aktivních uživatelů. :D

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