POLL - Do you have more Hextech Keys or Chests?

I would like to see what percentage of the community has more Chests than Keys or more Keys than Chests, so if you could bump this to give it some visibility I would greatly appreciate it. The more people that answer the better the data will be.

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11 keys no chests rip
2 key frags, 6 chests, I think this is normal but still feelsbadman
I'm at 13 Chests.
I chose even cause I'm currently at 0!
I'm even on both, but that's because I don't have any of either (think I may have one key frag), cause I haven't been playing that much recently, and all the champions I regularly play already have theirs. Although TBH the only thing I want from a chest right now is one more Gem for LZ Hecarim
9 chests no keys T_T
The people that are even are generally people that pay RP to get even. Which is fine. I mean it is cosmetics, after all. You actually can't stay even unless you're constantly buying RP, so I'm sure more people are paying for the content than just the ones that are currently even.
20 keys no chests, but since I mainly do ranked I'm ok with this.
*raises hand awakwardly*

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