This Week in League Week 6 Spring 2020

Good news everyone since Coronavirus can’t be transferred via the internet, the LPL will do its best to continue its split through online matches. Important Note: Since the boards are closing in less than a week this will be my last post on the League boards. If your somehow like my work I have made a subreddit to continue my shitposting here is the link: [LCS Shitposting Base]( Now onto today’s presentation. C9 vs FLY: After getting humiliated by C9 in their first go-around, Flyquest use the power of trees to push C9 to actually try. Instead of letting C9 trample them in the early game, FLY forced the issue to set Licorice behind since he’s been the closest thing to a weakest link as of late. Ignar showed why his Blitz is feared internationally as his hooks created valuable picks. His main target of choice was Vulcan. This very well could be the first loss of the season for C9. However once C9 realized that they needed to take this match seriously in addition to using the power of high end talent and mechanics, they went back to the fundamentals that make any team good. This game was mainly won off the back of Zven and Flyquest constantly focusing Sett who can shield himself for half his health. With this win C9 are the first to secure a playoff berth. 🎊🎉🎉. Yeah not much of a surprise at this point. TL vs TSM: Turns out that Doublelift is sick but for reasons other than highlights or Corona. He got laryngitis sooo he can’t shot call or be near his teammates for the next few weeks. TL have to bring in another young player in Tactical. It also turns out that you don’t need Doublelift when the team that you’re facing implodes in front of your very eyes. Even though both teams were proactive early neither team seemed to be willing to pull the trigger other than Impact. The Kayle Counterpick turned into a disaster as she had next to no impact in terms of damage or ults. The maokai pick was a decent idea though with the recent sunfire changes. All of TSM was invisible; especially Kobbe, he’s done nothing notable during the split and has more or less been along for the ride. TSM can you please find some consistency!? GGS vs IMT: To be honest, even just looking at the comps I had the feeling it would be a pretty boring game and decided to watch it at a later time. Watching it now it was at least a little more bloody than I thought it would be, always a plus, and the Golden Guardians were playing like the Rift belonged to them and hoarded every objective they could. This early aggression paid off as Immortals could never get their carries online. No they are sub .500 and have us questioning whether the strong start to the split was just a mirage. 100T vs EG: These teams are 4-6 for opposite reasons. The Thieves are consistent put tend to never be good enough to keep up with the top teams. EG have shown us that they have some of the highest peaks but also the deepest valleys. The early game was the Meteos show as he outpaced Svenskaren’s Lee Sin in the early game and forced EG to have to focus him in fights letting the rest of the Thieves win the fight. The only way EG could win was through picks as they can burst a single target down quickly. However despite having both zac and xayah, the lack of damage in the aoe department showed as they could burst down more than one Thief. With a teamfight win near EG’s blue, we witnessed yet another EG implosion. Day 2 TL vs 100T: I was wondering when Team Liquid would wake up from their scaling induced coma. The Thieves were merely just a stepping stone on Liquids return to the top after their half split slumber. Tactical is doing Doublelift’s thing but better as he was clean in his fundamentals whereas Doublelift has honestly looked a little complacent. 4 splits in a row will make anyone lose some competitive fire due to boredom. The squad as a whole looked more at ease throughout the game. You could tell with the way they were playing as they were bloodthirsty and eager to get a fight going. Perhaps all Liquid needed was to bring in a hungry player to reinvigorate the team. I fear that TSM may have reawoken a sleeping giant on Saturday. DIG vs FLY: When everyone was comparing the 2 teams back after week 2, a majority of the analysts and fans thought that Dignitas was the slightly better team. However, it was Flyquest that made the leap to the top and not Dignitas. This game showed two organizations heading in different directions. Flyquest is an organization that has found both an identity as a team and as a brand and don’t seem to be looking back. Dignitas seemed to hit a cap in terms of skill and have stunted their own growth as a roster. I honestly think it’s time for them to try to incorporate Damonte back into the fold. He’s got more upside than Froggen and they have another LCS caliber jungler in Akaadian that he can pair with. These directions showed as Flyquest was running in circles around Dignitas. Johnsun could only do so much to carry his team. The most important takeaway from this match is that TREEQUEST GOT AN OCEAN SOUL NOTHING CAN STOP THEM NOW!!! I have an genius idea Treequest, even though an ocean drake = 10 trees, if a team gets an ocean soul it = 50 trees planted. CLG vs TSM: Good news TSM you get a weak target to pick on in CLG after the humiliation you suffered at the hands of Liquid… again. But cmon it’s CLG, just play like you usually do and you’ll be fine I promise. See you reversed a top lane gank into your favor. This is when TSM is asking each other wtf is an objective for 15 minutes and let CLG take both herald and the first 2 drakes. Everything was looking to return back to the usual status quo after Dardoch stole the cloud and regained the lead with 2 kills. Look at them push their lead as they regress back to pre week 5 form and do jack shit while they let CLG scale. Wait that isn’t what’s supposed to happen TSM WHAT ARE YOU DOIN!! They became sloppy on their fundamentals again like not clumping when a Rumble has his ult or properly manage sidelanes. Look if you even wish to beat a full build Victor going ARAM will never work as one lazer kills the push. Broken Blade was constantly held out to dry by his teammates and the squad just rolled over and died. EG vs GGS: I also originally didn’t bother to watch the live stream of this match as it was between 2 mediocre teams. Then when I watched a flame caught my eye or in this case a flamethrower. Oh yes it’s a Senna Rumble bot lane, something that no one ever pictured. Turns out if the ADC isn’t going to CS you might as well put the gold onto a carry champion. This game was a prototypical Michael Bay film lots of explosions with big guys rolling up their sleeves to bash each others’ skulls. The climax was the fight for the 3rd infernal, both teams had even footing for the fight as GGS had pit control while EG had mid priority. EG then flashed their potential and picked apart the Guardians to get both the soul and the baron to create a huge lead. To save their game the Guardians were able to rush the elder drake and hold off EG for a little longer. However it didn’t really matter as EG were able to brute force their to an easy win. Monday Night League!!! IMT vs CLG: Believe it or not there is actually a decent amount on the line for these teams. The Immortals can escape their slump or CLG can develop some momentum to rally for the second half of the split. This game reflected the trajectory of these teams’ splits thus far. Endless self inflicted wounds with Immortals not having a true carry while CLG had to put all their eggs in the Stixxay basket. It was like watching two little brothers duke it out. Punches were thrown and neither brother knows how to block. At least the climax was nice, Wiggly was able to out smite the thief himself Xmithie. This was somehow not enough as the Immortals were able to turtle for the next 3 minutes and secure both the elder dragon and the baron. CLG just didn’t have the firepower to compete with the combination of buffs and scaling Immortals had. C9 vs DIG: So you need to win to get your season back on track. Well too bad because C9 doesn’t give a damn about narratives and underdogs. In an act of desperation Dignitas deployed Froggen’s Anivia. They pulled all the stops giving $2.3 million man his Lucian and Johnsun Jinx. None of that mattered as it seemed that C9 was prepared for the shenanigans that Dignitas had in store. In a completely one-sided affair C9 appeared to have gotten the message from the Flyquest game and played with less complacency than they did last week. Sorry Dignitas your day will come... eventually. Time for reflections. C9: What else is there to say. This is a well oiled machine that stops for no one. 3501 Trees: They have made great progress since the first time they faced C9. The squad doesn’t feel like it has a weak link and mixes creativity with consistency. Team Liquid: Who knee that Doublelift was the weak link. Injecting youth into the roster might be just what the doctor ordered. Tactical has been honing his skills in the academy league for a while and has probably been waiting for this moment for a while. Perhaps that rematch with C9 might be worth watching after all. IMT: This team has donned the role of gatekeeper over the course of the split. If you beat them your team, the analysts, and fans don’t bat an eyelash. If you lose to them it tends to be a sign that you won’t be competitive this split or there are glaring flaws. TSM: You caught onto a nice streak of wins around halfway into the split only to punch your fans in the dick by falling back to a .500 record. I expected more out of C9’s biggest rival. 100T: The Theivesfeels so stagnant, mediocre, and invisible that it’s hilarious that I forgot that they could steal a playoff spot. Let’s be honest if they did they would just get bounced in the first round. EG: Evil Geniuses are what happens when you try to make a Frankenstein hybrid of C9 and TSM. They only get cheap imitations of them and copy the worst aspects of them. They either dominate early and go full Leroy Jenkins mid game or botch their early plays and die a slow agonizing death. GGS: They are the Little Engine that Could but without the happy ending. Despite how hard they try they always come up short. All of the other teams have more high end talent and destroy them in fights or take advantage of their inexperience to outmaneuver them tactically. CLG: Thanks to the efforts of Pobelter you have doubled the team’s in count this week. While you’re not dead yet this split you can’t really afford to lose another game. Thankfully you don’t have C9 for the remainder of the schedule. At least a team escaped the soup of mediocrity.

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