Thank you Boards and Forums

I remember the good days of TSM Dyrus, CLG HotshotGG, Moscow Five and CLG.EU. And of course, I remember the days of General Discussion on the boards and forums. It was my very first internet home that I felt connected me to people around the globe, across time and space, at a time of great change and exciting days. Being able to read through older threads of discussion and posts of those days, even while I am typing this now, is such an experience that I am grateful for. Those discussions are worth more than pure gold. The loss of the boards and forums feels like the loss of a tremendous legacy, and also the departure of a close friend that has accompanied me for the past decade. At this point in time, my greatest wish is for the boards to remain accessible, either in its current state or in another way. I will miss the community here, both present and past, knowing full well that they can never be close to adequately replicated in other platforms. Wishing everyone here the very best. And thank you to the boards and forums, my friend who got me through both League and IRL, it's been realer than real. I will cherish the days and memories for as long as I can. Fully charged {{item:3070}}. Farewell, my friend

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