The Good, The Bad, and the League: 7/11 - 7/24

_Your semi-weekly dose of server problem-os, NA League news, and other!_ 9.14 arrived with the non-smoothest of bugs, TFT ranked says hello, and the mid-season changes kinda shifted the meta around. Just a little. Smidgen. You know, a tiny amount. **Follow-Ups:** * **Mac voice still not working properly** Bug assigned to a specialist. (Core bug is still being worked on). **Ongoing** * ** None ** **Server Stuff: ** * **Server reboot causes problems (7/23, ~20 minutes)** Automated comp mode has issues with a single server. The server is rebooted, but that server doesn’t reconnect to the cluster after the reboot. NOC has to manually force it to reconnect and start accepting games again. * **TMS installation cause issues (7/22, ~7 minutes)** Game starts dip on NA, and start to recover after a few minutes. NOC checks and finds network rerouting was being done due to a device being replaced and new device activated in a datacenter. The installation completes and routing tables are updated, dropping everything back to normal. * **Elevated non-unique reconnects after redeploy (7/22, ~90 minutes)** A server redeploy rolls out, and non-unique reconnects begin to climb. However, after an hour (during the duration of the redeploy), reconnect events fall back to normal levels. * **Players attempt Personalize Offer purchase after P.O. disabled (7/22, ~30 minutes)** A change to the servers complete earlier that day. Rioter notifies the NOC that there may be an issue with PO disables. NOC uncovers that the issue only affect players who left the client open for a long period of time (lots and lots of hours). * **Delay with Missions (7/12, ~17 minutes)** Automated monitoring flags an alert that the missions system is being overloaded. Looks to be a brief surge in data, which caused the alerting flags to activate. * **Non-unique reconnection spike (7/18, ~90 minutes)** Reconnects begin to spike in various regions. Automated compensation mode kicks on for the affected game servers. Before an investigation can find any root cause for the problem, the non-unique reconnections recover and fall to normal levels. * **Non-unique reconnection spike (7/18, ~80 minutes)** Reconnects begin to spike in various regions as a change is pushed to the main servers. The reconnection spike continues during the duration of the change being pushed to all servers, which originally had a small risk of causing reconnections. Reconnections stop as the change is completed, and the change is slotted for investigation to see why it caused reconnects. **Game Stuff: ** * **Ryze disabled (7/17, ~14 hours)** The bugfix in 9.14 caused his Q to be disabled if Ryze died while he was casting it. Not quite intentional. * **Annie/Qiyana/Morde bugs causing ranked queue disable (7/17, ~14 hours)** Annie, Qiyana, and Morde seem to be the major connection for a bunch of bugs. Quick triage and investigation leads to a series of probable ares, which narrow down to red buff’s interaction with death as well as Morde’s R, all combined with death recap. A hot fix pushed out to solve those bugs fix the problems, and ranked is re-enabled. * **Increased Bug-Splats due to Anticheat (7/17, ~45 minutes)** Updates to 9.14 and anticheat roll in on the 17th. This coincides with a small increase in bugsplats that remain constant over time. Anticheat implement a first bugfix, which doesn’t quite solve all the problems. A second bugfix rolls out, which solves the problem completely. _Morgageddon_

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Please for the love of God fix the League Voice bug, it's been there for more than a year. What's the point of calling it officially supported when a really relevant problem is not being fixed? I have to use other programs and force my friends to use them instead of League Voice because I can't talk to them. Can you speed things up? Please.
wow what a great update dude
Bug-Splat,Instant Spectator, Non-menu - fix by refreshing Client Config(after delete LeagueClientSettings.yaml, server record this new)...As I think u have stack by some matches and client write it in client start configs(as a try to reconect, but it is stack and client waiting 4 the server answer....It's been a long time ago, when i stack in spectator mode, without any reconect/exit attemt, as a play, collection icons on menu, status was - spectating.....and it help, well...after that/
Some of bug-splats maybe at the same way......
Arcade theme creeps(maybe bad opt. effects/shaders/pol/nevermind) but they are drops fps so hard, i have tested some of them in training mode....sorry of that(..servers lagging more.....and if u have arcade theme and a lot of creeps, its <80fps with low grafics, so after turn off arcade theme -> its =110 fps with ultra high grafics(as a three patches ago:)) Its same 4 fun maps, who play them has high fps
U got to make another server to TFT, cause of that it's all lagging....When u release tft, u forgot that on PBE server was a bug, that all players should be waiting by end of match to reg new tft(no wish to reconect with Over 9000 people) +there are "saveing resourses mode" that got u to waiting minimum 5 minites to find a match...So It's all was good, but on live servers that waiting bug fix by reconecting, so every single player..every 5 minute can do another tft match, and maybe server thinking about that people who exit and have found new match, and it's double-double
And Tft emmm...- no need super ping for super reaction, so if have high ping u got only comfort feeling(as in PBE), so u can do only 1 server for all.....Take PBE server for some time, or some of competions computers from Riot Studios, one comp with proc Xeon can get 3000 online on World of Warcraft server, u can also do flexable database, and one time it will loading and clear all stat to main server
and......I hear and....even see some screens that u make TFT for mobile, maybe it's time:)
Have you submitted a ticket or posted on the bug reports page? Because whining here is next to useless, especially when you're not giving any relevant or useful information.
? Bug is here since more than a year. My ticket would be completely useless, they are already aware of it and are working on it. Problem is, it's been a lot of time.
Im just wondering... What does NOC stand for and what part does it take in your systems?
> **Aatrox Airlines \(EUNE\) said:** Im just wondering... What does NOC stand for and what part does it take in your systems? The NOC stands for "Network Operations Center" They're the guys and gals who monitor all things League/Riot related in regards to servers (game and other), monitoring of performance (connected players, disconnections, servers up and down, etc), internal dbs, server deploys, patches, hotfixes, bugfixes, etc. Basically, if it's a thing that needs to have a measurement and can be watched or checked to ensure nothing's going wrong, the NOC are people who usually have access to look at that thing, see if there's a problem, then contact the powers that be in order to start triage on said problem. They also check if someone reports in that there is a problem and will see if there's actually something wrong that we're unable to catch with normal monitoring. In short, they're the eyes and ears of the monitoring systems and notification systems for Riot. The NOC is manned 24/7, so there's always at least one person keeping vigil over League and Riot platforms.
Still up for those TT games?
I've been having a problem with a bug where the client refuses to launch at the end of champ select or at the end of loading screen. The screen just freezes and doesn't move and when i close the client and re-log the screen is just black and freezes again. I then have to restart my computer completely just to get back into the game. Is there anyway to resolve this, I looked into it and lots of other people are having this problem and it is greatly effecting my games. Help Plz.
fuk you riot fuk your system people losing their lp for no reason becuase this dc dc dc d c dc bug fukk you riot thats all i wannw say fuk you pls send this to riot fuk you and and bring back my lp
Did you guys release an update to Anticheat _**just this patch?**_Because while I'm not bugsplatting, I'm getting game "minifreezes" like what happened when Dark Star Thresh released. My screen will freeze for about 2 seconds. There seems no rhyme or reason which makes me hesitant to report it via the bug reporter.
Say, @Margageddon i literally found these bugs and exploits in a SINGLE game of TFT 1. Gamebreaking - can not sell champ (darius) it went red like it was from an enemy after i had a brief dc and i could not move or sell it. 2.Leona permastun - **Leona casted the stun and for longer than 8 seconds my champ just got stuck untill he died. 3.Assasins movement - Played assasins and some of them just lost their direction went off the board/map and started running in place doing nothing. 4.Player exited his circle in pick phase before the phase even started. 5.Dunno if this counts but rng... 4 ***3star champs and like 10 items on a single player, its disgusting. I forgot the rest, too fckin many of them, erasing league of legends again and this time pretty certain forever since i found alternative game to spend time in.

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