WTH Craptastic System

So I had a Neeko with Morello, GA, and the spell crit "gloves". She was 2 star, had a 2 star on bench and 2 1 star (just needed one to get my 3 star neeko). Carousel came up and there was a neeko w/ GA. I was like sweet, neeko has 3 items so when I combine, the items would/should drop to the bench and I'll re assign them to her. Worst case, The GA on the 1 star neeko will go to the bench. The game boned me, Dropped the MORELLO and left the 3 star neeko w/ 2 GA and spell crit gloves.. Srsly WTF?!

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Unfortunately, the item combination system is not a first come first serve system. It's actually The combine depends on the position of the Nekkos and all the items get combined at the same time. I'm guessing your bench was full or had space on the left side of your bench. So what happened is that the game combined the Neeko1 (GA) + Neeko1 + Neeko1 + Neeko2 + Neeko2 (Morello)(GA)(STG) and the and put the Neeko2's (Morello)(GA)(STG) onto the Neeko1 (GA). The game checks the item slots when combining everything at the same time, meaning the game will check if slot2 is open of the morello, slot2 for the GA, slot3 for the STG all at the same time. Since slot1 for the morello was already occupied for the GA, it will pop out. Next time to over come this, place your Neeko1 (GA) on the right side of the board (or the Neeko2 with items on the left) so the game will attempt to put the Neeko1 (GA) onto the Neeko2 (Morello)(GA)(STG) instead. It will realise that slot1's item is already taken, so it will attempt to put it in slot2. Slot2 is also occupied so the game will put it on slot3 and still fail, hence the GA will pop out.

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