Runeterra 5e update 1.4 (D&D LoL Conversion)

Helloooo, this is my third time here? Anyway, thanks to the testers who offered their services throughout the patches we come to a massive expansion in patch 1.4. Featuring TONS of Variants to the R5e races and 13 new Subclasses! (one for each of the classes INCLUDING ARTIFICER!) I don't have much to offer in terms of campaign material, monsters, and other tools for DMs to use, the research into League Lore will be in their hands for now. Material will likely come up as my collab partner "Eye of Twilight" and I make them for our campaigns. Speaking of Campaigns, i have started mine using patch 1.4 material and will be recording/posting them for your entertainment. All the "mini campaigns" i finish will have their notes and information thrown out to the public for the use of R5e DMs. (currently in a Shuriman based one known as "Tomb of Shaluxal"). So, for people who have been waiting for the next patch, or have not yet seen the work. I'll leave this link below. Note that i leave the availability to suggest ideas, Please take the time help me fix/expand on ideas, they will always be considered and can be included as either the primary or variant ideas. Thanks for the 40+ testers thus far! Hope you enjoy patch 1.4 {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}

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Going to be taking a serious look here; ---Warlock First issue I have is you seem to be mixing up Patrons and Pact Boons on Warlock; for example, the Watchers would be a Great Old One Patron, but they may supply you with ancient texts inscribed in a language only you, the Voidspawn or other Void-touched beings can understand (Tome). Another case would be something like Rhaast would make an amazing Sentient Weapon Patron for the Xanathar's subclass on Warlock, the Hexblade. __You removed the Otherworldly Patron at Level 1, which I would not advise; the core concept of a Warlock is that their Patron gives them their powers, whether or not it is intentional.__ This can take effect as deals with Demons and Devils, or as being touched by creatures who's own state of mind is alien in nature. In essence, Warlocks get their Subclass at Level 1, much like how a Sorcerer or Cleric does. Examples of a Patron in Runeterra could include the Darkin, such as Rhaast or Varus (though that is VERY DM discretion), Demons such as Evelynn or Tahm Kentch, or Spirits of the Shadow Isles, namely Kalista or Hecarim. Also Pix. *Pix is cool.* ---Races A few races that could be very entertaining to play are Yordles, Hexforged *(Warforged, though I'd advise looking at UA 5E content for that rather than Ebberon, as it has a little bit more of an interesting take in my opinion)*, and Vastaya. I personally wouldn't advise making Vastayashai'Rei playable (Shapechangers are a fucking meme and a half for DMs btw), but you could easily set it in the past before Demacia existed. Maybe predating the Rune Wars, even. *Hell, I'd love to do a campaign around bringing down Mordekaiser. ~~Focus Blue, FOCUS!~~* As for Human, I personally think that keeping it as 5E PHB standard works well enough; +1 to All or +1 to two, Skill and Feat is very freaking strong ~~and why Human Fighter is the most frequently played combo. You can do literally anything with that, in terms of builds. Level 1 Shield Mastery? Why not. Level 1 Tough? Screw it, HP out the motherhunker.~~ I feel that Yordles should have Persuasion and Deception as Skills from Racials, as well as possibly a +2 Cha +1 Dex? I feel that may be acceptably functional. Small, obviously, 25 Feet Movement because Small, 60 Feet Darkvision probably? I'd also give them A Touch of Glade (Can Cast Disguise Self for a Small or Medium Creature, but still classes as Small in terms of size, etc etc three times a Long Rest) Vastaya are probably going to be the biggest trouble childs in this, given how unbelievably varied they are. You've got bird Vastaya, you've got fish Vastaya, you've got cat Vastaya, you've got goddamn otter Vastaya. **Otter. Vastaya.** Classification would probably be vital here; Avian, Feline, Canine, Aquatic and Mammalian probably would be the best go to's. I'll link a file on my thoughts for each. Vastayashai'Rei are... interesting and damn unique, in that they can shapechange regardless of size, it seems, though I'd argue to restrict it up to Large Creatures, since Neeko - the only known Vastayashai'Rei - has been known to shapechange into the form of a Bird; Druids' Wild Shape on steroids, I think? Note; I didn't scroll all the way down. *I want to fucking die.* ---Backgrounds A general note on Backgrounds is that they will either give you a Choice of 2 from a list of Skills, or will give 2 Skills. You seem to be under-powering it on that side of things, since you give only a list of 3 Skills and allow for a Choice of 1 from the list. They also tend to give a little bit of starting Gold and a few other items, such as a ring signifying your house crest or a hunting trophy. Demacia seems somewhat okay, though a free defensive capability isn't necessarily the best option here; I'd personally give Demacians Medium & Light Armor Proficency with Shields, as well as Weapons Training for Rapiers, Shortswords and Longswords, as well as Shortbows and Longbows. Perhaps it might be better to allow them to simply use up to 3 Hitdie in combat once per Long Rest? Depending on Class, that can be *A LOT* of outright healing, especially on Fighter or Barbarian, while Casters might need the HP just to survive a particularly bad attack. Noxian Diplomacy; **Not a good idea.** 4D12 potential bonus damage on a Longbow for a character that has Sharpshooter? That will break your damn game wide open, since the Ranger that could be would be dealing 4D6+1D8+5, possibly a +8 at the end if it's a +3 Longbow. **That attack's average damage from Die alone will be 26 Piercing, assuming you only roll Average. That is against a target that may have only been punched once. Watch what happens when a numberphile Human Rogue Assassin one-trick sees this and gets to play it.** *This assumes IT HAS NOT STACKED YET.* On top of the fact that this is regardless of class? *Laughs in Rogue Assassin 14th Level Way of the Shadow Monk 6th Level.* I would have argued that Noxus should give Weapon Training for Handaxes, Greataxes, Battleaxes, Warhammers, Longswords, Shortswords and Greatswords. Maybe also Shields. What you currently have down would make a UA Tweaked Ranger from Noxus potentially end up dealing 2D8+4D12+ Dex Mod and Enchant to a single target, which is freaking stupid in terms of single hit damage. And god help that target it it *CRITS.* **I personally would HEAVILY advise AGAINST this.** Piltovans don't necessarily make weapons for themselves; some might, while others might make goggles that would assist in seeing from a greater distance, or a pack with all the tools one might ever need. I personally would advise to also clean it up a little, since 'Magic Damage' doesn't say much in D&D. Magical Piercing? Force Damage? Elemental or Magically Enhanced Phys? Also, I saw Ixtal. *~~Still think they would've done better as a dead culture...~~* Truth be told, I'm not that well informed on their lore ~~mostly because there was no real reason to add them imo other than having a totally-not-MCU-Wakanda Region~~ but the effects seem... strong. That could be a bit too much as well; might be a good idea to *lightly* tune it back. ---Subclasses I did see the Mageseeker component, and I feel like it would be a better alternative to use the Mageseeker as a Demacian Background Variant, much like how Noble has Knight Variant. There are two primary reasons for this; First of all, as far as I am aware, Mageseekers themselves generally aren't Mages. The only exception that I can think of was Sylas when he helped them, as he innately could sense magical energies. Rather, and as my second point, Mageseekers make use of captured magical capabilities inside their Petricite devices, and are often known as borderline exorcists, given how they seem to have the ability to 'cleanse' Mages of their powers for a time using Petricite. For example, a Mageseeker could use a Petricite Staff to capture an Eldrich Blast's effect when hit and simply neutralize it as it strikes. (Grant an AC Bonus against Ranged Spell Attacks and Reduce Magical Damage to Self, maybe? Though don't go too high on the DR, or you run the risk of it being too strong of a build; keep it balanced, keep it fun) Also, on the Hemomancer, I would actually like the concept to be more that of a Blood Caster; make it so it's instead a Warlock Pact made specifically with Vladmir's cults in Noxus, and you give them some method of in-combat regeneration for 'lockslots. (perhaps dealing the Warlock Spell Level of Damage to self to regain a Slot? Early on this will be very dangerous and glass cannony, though, and might suffer the same issue as the old Blood Hunter variant did) Also, though the Blood Pool is a good thought to put in - emergency escape tool and all - Misty Step exists, and if a Warlock is to deadass tell me they don't have it, then they deserve to get crushed to death by that boulder they could have Misty Step'd away from. A note on the Augs from Zaun and Piltover; **do not make them Subclass-only.** Argueably that sort of technology should only be coming from Artificers from that region (see Eberron 5E UA if you don't have the official book yet), which would make sense, but do NOT bind it to a Subclass, as that sort of hardware is usable to any living creature. ---Other Also, there are some Variant Rules from DMG, such as Sanity or Honor. The concept is that they both serve to act as unique saves whenever the DM calls for them; for example, seeing a thousand bodies raising up from the sands of Shurima in the middle of the night near a Void-touched ruin would probably be just *slightly* panicking, making you need to pass a Sanity Save. *Or just encountering Void Portals, really. ~~DON'T LOOK INTO THE LIGHTS.~~* Meanwhile in the case of Honor, I do *believe* its Save is used whenever you are forced to commit something that goes against your character's morals, such as killing another person in the case of a pacifist or perhaps defying Noxus in the case of witnessing Singed doing not nice things to Ionia. --- Edit - 02/23/2020 - Continuation and Clarification, as well as minor patch-up. Edit - 02/29/2020 - Cleaning up text that, grammatically speaking, is braindead. Also happy leap year day.
**Warlock** - Yeah, admittedly, this has been wonky to work with. Essentially my thought process was, pact of Fiend, Great Old One, and so on are not really lore friendly. So i instead narrowed it down to 3 "factions" void, darkin, and shadow isles, and pact of boon conveniently have a summoning based option for Void and a weapon based option for Darkin. So i tied those to the boons, and declared "Pacts" as nothing further than just the type of Void, Darkin, or Shadow Isles Warlock you are. Which, in a normal circumstance, declaring your a void warlock at level 1, then working your way up to level 3 for your summoning worked out great! it was just Darkin that made things complicated since one wouldn't obtain said powers unless they wielded it and i changed the text to Pact of Blade to kinda allow a link between the user and weapon. Although there has been thought of making the Darkin route restricted to a Hexblade -> Pact of Blade avoiding any non-lore friendly clunkiness. **Races** - Admittedly, i think every race walked out of that just fine as is. I loved the Warforged from UA and played it quite a bit before its adjustment. With that, i do admit i found it rather...clunky with all the sub-race features. The Ebberon one just felt safer. However, R5e does provide their mechanical race with a fun Overdrive to make the rather dull version of Warforged a bit more fun. Yordles and Vastaya are decent. Although unsure if not allowing Avian to fly whenever is too harsh. As well as questioning how to make Aquatic Vastaya and Aquatic Yordles different from eachother while still being the Water traversing alternative. **Backgrounds** (its still races honestly) - Humans make up 90% of Runeterra so i decided that humans just can't be ONLY PHB/Variant and instead be their own variety of races, hence the big list ( i think it provides 20?) Noxians and Demacians were very hard to figure out. I wanted them to be a clear counterpart to eachother as well as upheld the main playstyle of the characters from there. Noxians were offensive and have resets, where as Demacia is about anti-magic and having fortitude. At first Noxians just had a strong single hit per a combat (like a fury of the small), but thought that was extremely boring and did not make one feel like a true NOXIAN, having them do a gamble on the creatures death and having them be rewarded with extreme bloodshed? seemed a lot more fun. (Although this will likely run into nerfs for this hasnt been tested, this will likely become a static die through all resets, would be an increase to the initial use and a lowering of the reset bonuses). Piltover went through a lot of make overs from tinkerers to explorers. Hextech Weapon and its non-combat variant Hextech Rod just helps the fantasy of being an Inventor as a race and being able to tie themselves to champions we already know such as Jayce. Magic damage was more so to just make it overcome resistance and make the feat relevant at all stages of the character. Variant Ixtal Gloom Stalker tho **Subclasses** - Mageseeker was rough, they are trained from the ground up to be counter-mages. The first making of this class was a Sorc that couldnt generate Spell Slots unless they absorb them, but this proceeded to get more odd and clunky so it was scrapped. In the end there was a MINI retcon to them which was their body being put through a petricite intake ritual, making their very own flesh into counter magic. Oh, and look into the Mageseeker cards from LoR, unlike the comics, they are shown to actually reuse the magic they capture interestingly enough so this helped me just make them Sorcs with counter magic gameplay. Hemomancer was really smooth to make, Misty Step was considered while making it but i saw the benefits of perhaps freeing a known spell or having more tools to work with. Its basically a free Misty built in the class with extra mechanics that make it more interesting of a tool and have you really feel like your a disciple of Vlad. I understand what you mean about how augmentations and hextech firearms (with their attachments) shouldnt be restricted to just the sub-classes, which they aren't. Anyone can get their arm replaced in the alleys of Zuan or receive a hextech firearm from a militant of Piltover. However, i suppose the issue is i didnt give the subclass' tools a powerful/unique enough name, because the point of the Sharpshooter and Augmentor is that they are an absolute expert in their field and have provided themselves with augs and firearms unlike any others, hence why they are unique to only those in that subclass. Lastly, yeah totally have played around with Sanity in my Curse of Strahd, super fun. As well as have players question their loyalty to their said allegiances. In the end THANKS for the amazing input. A lot of formerly mentioned will be put under a watchful eye for a while for potential tweaks or reworks. I have a Noxian Hemomancer as well as a Piltoverian Augmentor (his background explained this crossover) and hopefully i get to see how these play out in a balanced way. So far, the Noxian hasnt really utilized his feat.

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