What happened?

When Minions and Mechs was released, the community blew up, even if it wasn't REALLY putting the S in dorito games, it was Riots second OFFICAL and REFINED game. I personally never owned a box of it, but I've played it with friends. it seems like a well made game, but unlike other big card games or table top games, it dosen't have that... feel. The fact that card games have ported into online versions with shitty graphics, VO and rules scares me. I hope Riot can follow in the footsteps of Magic, if they release new stuff, maybe this table top game will revive!

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Probs no one gonna see this post cuz the last post was made four months back. Yikes.
There's no need to "revive" a game that isn't dead. MvM went over three editions, international localisation, and over 70k sold units, iirc. It's Ranked 29th on Boardgamegeek, and the BGG forum is moderately active (for a game that is this light on rules). That's a great track record. Riot said that it was a One-time thing. Despite that, they still produced the Editor and had weekly riddles running for a while. I don't think "following in the footsteps of M:TG" is a good plan. While commercially and critically successful back in the day, if you ask a lot of people in the game industry about M:TG nowadays, they'll probably state the most important lesson learned from Magic is "knowing when to stop". Even Richard Garfield has moved on to design "better" skinner boxes: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/keyforge/ Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see more analogue Games by Riot, but I'd prefer a really solid standalone game every ten years to three lame cash-graps each year.

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