LOL randomly Alt-Tabs in game

Just randomly in the middle of a game it would automatically Alt-Tab me out of the game. I have no idea why. I've tried the OfficeBackgroundTaskHandlerRegistration method but I couldn't find it on my computer. The only way it doesn't Alt-Tab for me is if I use a windowed or borderless window but then I lose 100-200 FPS which is another problem in itself. If you guys have any solutions for either it would be really helpful. Edit: Found this link dated March 4th 2020. Hopefully Riot knows of this problem and is gonna fix it soon.

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Hello, sometimes this happened to me too(rarely tho), usually it got fixed by either forced alt-tab(when u get alt tabbed, go back and alt tab manually and then go back again), or by reconnecting(exit and reconnect) Tho for long time I didnt have this problem now(I think, I did reinstall game and then I didnt get this problem anymore - this or I have been trying to fix my net problems with this game(net problems only with this game...) and did some stuff that I cant remember xD) Hope it helps :)
I used to have this problem a lot, where it would randomly tab out of league and other games (generally tabbing out twice in rapid succession). Eventually, I found out the cause was some of the extra software Nvidia installed. I believed it was **ShadowPlay** that turned out to be the culprit. Basically, uninstall all the extra software for your graphics card (make sure not to uninstall the driver itself), and see if that helps.

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