Riot is trolling me with this MMR

Twice, twice I promoted to silver 2 after going through games vs silver 3s and 2s while having the same on my team. And each time they would immediately put me through three games where im fighting silver 2 duos while having bronze 3s and unrankes on my team. IT always fix itself after I demote. Hell The next time I got there they gave me a 20% winrate vayne who has lost ALL of her vayne games that would ping me to go in or go in alone then just watch as I die before finally fighting. While our ww just didn't bother to do anything but sit in jg(he definately wasn't power farming or doing any objectives) and our fizz inted HARD. They gave me this vayne in two games in a row. The first game I was rated second on our teams damage(as a full support leona with only 10k damage). Second time I went omnistone since I saw who it was and essentially fed her,my team and myself almost all the kills...And she afks(literally, just stood in the middle of lane not doing anything) while the enemy team got fed off free dragons and barons since besides me vayne was all our damage since she kept kill stealing off me (Yes, if you take kills but don't actually do anything with the gold then you're kill stealing). Why're you doing this to me riot? I should not be getting worse teammates that are 4-6 brackets below me by winning games!

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