Adventures of the Greenfather

> Sometimes, he encountered communities of humans, many of them somewhat peaceful. They called him Bramblefoot or the Green Father and told tales of his strange benevolence. But how they took more than they gave, how they could be cruel and human, unnerved Ivern, and he retreated from their company. Then the voice inside of him spoke for a fourth time. “Show,” it said. Ivern left the woodlands and journeyed out to meet a world blanketed in mankind. The resolve he’d once felt returned, but this time it wasn’t driven by malice or cruelty. One day, he hoped to replace what he took. If he was called to be the new God-Willow, he needed to cultivate humanity, help them watch, listen, and grow. Being human once himself, Ivern knew this would be difficult, so he smiled and challenged himself to complete this task before the final setting of the sun. He knew he would have the time. [art]( Ivern had many a day since then to explore the world once more. The forests of Ionia were his home, but if he concentrated he could bring himself to the many natural forests of the world. There were many in this world who had interested him, and although some humans had been hurt too much and let the dark in, so many still had a chance of hope and joy. He knew some of them by reputation, but alas he was a bit forgetful in conversations. Still, Ivern knew he had much to do. He had taken the time to assist a nearby town, one that had decided to farm and attempt harmony, and he decided to introduce them to the wildlife. Oh, sure, there was a brief bit where the children were scared but he hadn't meant to really! The elder shamans had remembered him though, and he was eventually able to help. They taught him many things too, and taught him one of the most important parts of being a human. Time. He had gotten too used to the forest, and though many of his friends were very shortlived, humans seemed to value time much more heavilly than he remembered. He had begun to wander Ionia, and had heard many stories of the varius kingdoms. He heard of Demacia and it's fear of magic, of Noxus and it's Predator Mentality. Of Shurima, and the new life beginning to flourish there, and of the land he once called home, the Freljord. He had many adventures to partake in, and a whole wide world to explore. He had an important duty to do and - "I wonder what the birds of Demacia sing about? What do you think Daisy? Oh! Or how the dirt sings!" Ivern had a lot of work to do, and unfortunatly he was very easily sidetracked by what many would consider the littlest of things. Still, the world was an amazing place, and Ivern was here to share that wonder with the world.

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