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hello, ive been trying to watch the esports vod's to get the missions. im currently 20/60. and while 60 is absurd and complaint worthy on its own. my real issue is the fact that as i said ive watched 20 so far, and many more withoiut problems. then yesterday i try to watch more and everytime i sign in with correct info, it automatically logs me out so i cant watch any. not a huge deal, im kinda over it really. but still would be nice if it got fixed, or addressed, or anything. surely i cant be the only one experiencing this. and no i didnt change any browser settings or anything like that, everything is the exact same as when i watched them a few days ago.

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Try using a different browser, see if that helps you.
Have a look at this: Different browser, incognito window, adblocked deactivated. 60 is not absurd since we have a whole split to complete the mission. Not to mention, you dont have to watch 60 times 35 minutes. 15 minutes VODs are enough.

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