Reason 1 why you can never be promoted out of bronze

Player trolls ranked insisting lanes or feed, how is anyone supposed to be promoted or make any progress when the match making system doesn't keep bad players away from particular player important games such as series promotion? Please assist.

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Higher chance of a troll being on the enemy team then your team.
who banns volibear
Might be the fact you only own 24 champions, making your Knowledge pool rather low.
Just let him mid and carry another lane... The League System doesn't lie.. Better people rise and vice-versa.
Usually when a player calls "[Lane] or feed" it means "[Lane] **and** feed." You have essentially two options: 1) Let them have the lane, go carry another lane. 2) Ignore them and their feeding, go carry from the lane they wanted. Some games just aren't winnable. But as long as you're **not a troll** and **consistently better than your opponent,** you'll rise. Sure, you might lose a couple series because of trolls, but they can't keep you down forever.
My last game had Galio, Viktor and Urgot bans from the enemy

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