"No sorry chief you're just bad"

yeah, im bad, because my skill is how and why im stuck with no runes, no flash, and my support is stuck with no flash and runes, our enemies are smurfs my support is new, the enemy jungler nonstop ganked, he and the enemy adc and support all had full runes and flash and ignite and smite, we had nothing, but im bad, thats why we lost, not because of those huge advantages, if we ask an lcs expert he'd say the same right? because rune and summoner spell choosing advantage doesnt matter, i bet id lose to amumu with actually good runes RIGHT HUH

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uhhh? Just get the right runes then?
Chances are, you were just bad. If you didn’t pick the right runes at the start, that’s your fault and you’re bad. If you didn’t play 100% correctly, then you played bad. HOWEVER Look at what you do thats bad, and fix it. Learning from your mistakes will help you improve and get better at the game. Ignore what everyone else says (and their “badness”, if they want to ignore it, they’ll suffer) and work to improve yourself.
This post is bad therefore you're most likely bad if not terrible.
Is this a post from before Runes Reforged where it cost 10k IP to get each rune page setup?

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